The riots in Egypt are eclipsing many important developments in world media coverage. A reader of this blog sent this link which I thought should be passed on to all readers of this blog as it has important future considerations.

Germany (a key NATO nation) and Israel have just signed a wide range of bilateral agreements linking the two nations into a closer alliance in many areas of cooperation (see link). Many of these agreements involve cultural/social issues, but the most important one (in my view) is the agreement to ally the Germans and Israelis in anti-terrorism and “national security” issues. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said “We are allies, Israel and Germany,” and German Prime Minister Merkel added “We have similar values, which makes it very easy for us to cooperate.” Germany is increasingly leading Europe, and I’m sure the other European nations noticed the budding German-Israeli alliance with keen interest. A previous post at this site noted that Greece (another NATO nation) had previously made a strategic security alliance with the Israelis.

As an added indicator of just how deep this new alliance between Germany and Israel has become, these agreements featured a “joint meeting of Israeli and German Cabinet ministers.” This is a rare event in any bilateral national governmental meeting. Who would have dreamed in 1945 that this close meeting and alliance between the German and Jewish nations would have occurred about 65 years after World War II ended?

I applaud this German-Israeli cooperation as it reinforces the western alliance and it draws the Israelis ever closer to full NATO involvement. As Turkey gradually slides out of NATO into Iran’s embrace and if Egypt, Tunisia and other secular Islamic governments fall into the clutches of radical Islamists, Europeans and Israelis are going to steadily see their national security interests converge.