The German Parliament has announced that it is launching an official investigation into America’s spying by the NSA inside the nation of Germany (first link). Perhaps the revelations about the NSA’s MYSTIC spying operation to attack and capture the phone records in other nations was the final straw in Germany’s patience with the USA. The revelations about MYSTIC were detailed in my previous post on this subject.

The Parliamentary investigative committee will have subpoena power, but it is doubted that senior American government or intelligence officials will actually appear at the Hearings. If they do not go, it will likely make the German government and people even angrier. The investigators will also seek to interview Edward Snowden himself to learn all they can about the NSA’s spying operations, especially as it applies to Germany. The second link reports on the eagerness of some German parliamentarians to interview Snowden. It is doubtful that Snowden will personally attend the Hearings, but he could easily be interviewed via Skype from a secure Russian location. Snowden recently did an interview with an American group at a convention via Skype so he may be willing to give the German government the chance to interview him too. Indeed, he may welcome such a chance. He may want to drop another intelligence bombshell about the USA’s global spying efforts in testimony to the German investigators.

Even if American officials avoid testifying (there are no Constitutional 5th Amendment rights in Germany remember), the German intelligence chiefs will have no choice but to appear before the German investigators. Their jobs may be on the line if they knew about the NSA’s mass spying efforts in Germany and did nothing to stop it or tell Prime Minister Angela Merkel about it. This may lead to an intensified effort in Germany and the EU nations to develop their own computer/internet systems that will be free of any electronic “backdoors” that may be embedded in all American-made software programs.

If history is any guide, it is not wise to make Germany really angry at you. Obama and the US government are pretty close, I think, to making the Germans very angry at them. As Germany gets angrier at Obama, the NSA and the US government, the chances are growing that Germany will be one of the “seven heads and ten horns” that eventually will tear down the current American-dominated global political/monetary order, as Revelation 17-18 prophesies will occur during our modern “latter day” period of time. For more information about this prophesied event, I urge you to read my article, The Babylonian Origin of the Modern Banking System.” That article will help you understand why the Bible refers to the current global political/monetary/banking system as “Babylon the Great.”