It is my belief that many readers of this blog have little realization of how weak the NATO alliance has become. The deterioration of NATO’s European military forces since the “end of the Cold War” has been staggering. These five links offer different perspectives on this topic and Germany is particularly cited as having a military which has become pathetically weak.

The first link states Germany’s military “is facing serious problems with outmoded equipment and low readiness,” and adds, “The two-decade decline of the Bundeswehr as a serious fighting force is remarkable and alarming.” It also asserts that German military strength has grown so weak that ”many NATO members are deeply upset by this German passivity.” In a sidebar comment on soured relationships between Germany and the USA, it states that “The loathing of Obama by many Germans is sincere.” The article cites only Estonia and Poland as being European NATO members who are serious about national defense. (Also see second link.)

The third link is particularly troubling as it states that in a recent provocative military move, Russia sent an aircraft carrier into the Atlantic Ocean via the Netherlands economic zone, and that the Netherlands had no military or coastal defense ships to intercept or escort the Russian ship through the Dutch economic zone. The reason? The link states: “Since 2002, the Dutch have retired their entire fleet of dedicated patrol aircraft (emphasis added)” and further commentary indicates there must be little or nothing left of the Dutch navy since no Dutch navy ships came out to escort the Russian aircraft carrier either. Apparently, no other NATO nation sent any warships to intercept it either.

The fourth link adds that NATO’s own Secretary-General has warned the European member states of NATO to beef up their defenses and “stop relying on the US” to defend Europe. That is good advice. The USA’s citizens are so weary of endless costly wars under Presidents Bush and Obama that many Americans would want their government to not get involved if Russia invaded Europe. Since the European nations are now apparently unwilling to act in their own defense, there is no reason the US should bother to defend them either. Since European nations are not serious about defending themselves, perhaps the best bet is for European nations to start teaching Russian to their populations–it will save time later. In my opinion, the only thing keeping the Russian army from easily waltzing through NATO’s European nations right now is the residual nuclear deterrent still possessed by the United Kingdom and France.

While I could not find a free link to attach, I read a short column by a German writer, Alexander Graf Lamsdorff of Die Welt, that appeared in the “Best Columns: Europe” section of the October 10, 2014 printed issue of The Week magazine. That article notes that “the woeful state of Germany’s military is a national scandal.” As an example, it cites the case of a German air flight to Africa in a German military aircraft that was so badly maintained it couldn’t make the flight without a repair stop at Gran Canaria,” and that much of Germany’s military forces are “nearly 50 years old…[and] rickety or out of service.” The writer asserts that Germany is “powerless to protect our own homeland.” The article can be obtained at The Week’s website.

Russia has carried out a very clever plan, I think. They pretended to “lose the Cold War” in such a way that the USA and other NATO nations would disarm and so let down their military guard that they would eventually become very vulnerable to a militarily resurgent Russia–which is now allied to a demilitarizing China and Iran (just as was prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39). Whether Russia planned it that way or not, that is what has happened. The USA has been exhausted, weakened and bankrupted by endless wars under Presidents Bush and Obama so the USA is in no condition to rescue Europe if it is attacked.

My books, audio messages and articles identify many of the modern nations of Europe in NATO as descended from the ten tribes of Israel who were exiled into Asia, founded the mighty Asian Parthian and Scythian empires and then migrated out of Asia into Europe as the Goths, Germans, Saxons, Vandals, etc. (as the Romans called them) after their Parthian and Scythian empires fell to other nations. I have identified The Untied Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as being the multitude or company of nations that would identify them as the modern tribe of Ephraim and the USA as the single great, “brother” Saxon nation which is identified as Manasseh in Genesis 48:14-20. Genesis 21:12 promised that Abraham’s birthright descendants would be known by the name of Isaac. That birthright then passed to Isaac, Jacob (Israel) and finally to Joseph’s sons, Ephraim and Manasseh. In Asia, the Parthians and Scythians were known by the Greeks and Persians by such names as Sacae, Saka, etc, which preserved the root word of Isaac’s name. The Romans changed the Greek form of Isaac’s name to “Saxon,” but that form of the name of Isaac is still stamped indelibly on the Anglo-Saxon nations as well on some of the regions of Germany.

There are some Christian groups which once taught that Germany would re-militarize and pose a great military threat to the USA, UK and the entire world in the latter days. Unfortunately, there are no “latter day” biblical prophecies that even remotely support that view. The real world shows those prophetic speculations to be erroneous. Germany is in no condition to defend itself, much less threaten anyone else. Germany and the European nations of NATO are in increasing danger from a resurgent and bellicose Russia. If readers have not done so, I urge them to read my article, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III. Among other things, it indicates from biblical prophecy that an invasion of Europe by Russia at some point in the latter days is a certainty. Europe will get no help from across the Atlantic from the USA as Ezekiel 38-39 also reveals that North America will be one of the main battlegrounds of World War III. The USA will be fighting for its own life on its own soil when this prophesied war occurs. Europe will be on its own.