As long-time readers of this blog know, I occasionally do a blog such as this to pass on to readers a number of links on a variety of important subjects. My inbox sometimes gets so full of worthy items to pass on to readers that there is no possibility of doing justice to each one of them in a separate blog. The links below should give all readers a number of important topical issues to consider in a biblical context.

The first link has at least two items of interest. One reports that the Israelis are refusing to sell a sophisticated anti-missile system to their former ally, Turkey. The new anti-missile system is being developed jointly by Israel and India, and there is a reasonable fear that Turkey will share this new technology with Israel’s enemies, Iran and Syria, with whom Turkey has been moving into a closer relationship. Turkey cannot have it both ways. It will eventually have to choose whether it will stand with the West and its fellow Sunni Muslim nations against Iran or whether it will be a turncoat and side with Shiite Iran and its proxies—Syria, Hezbollah, etc. Another story at this link cites a former Bush administration official, Elliot Abrams, that the USA needs to deal with the Iranian threat…before the Israelis do.

The second link is from the Huffingtonpost blog which predicts “the death of Goldman Sachs” as a result of its corporate greed and the legal troubles that will follow in the aftermath of the stunningly-clueless performance of Goldman’s executives before a hostile Congressional Committee about Goldman’s market actions which hurt Goldman’s own clients (I watched some of this session on cable-TV and I agree with this link that Goldman’s executives do not realize what a public relations disaster their testimony was). The link compares the predicted fall of Goldman Sachs to the previous fall of Enron. This prediction may prove premature, but in order for the insider firms of Babylon the Great’s current world system to fall, one would expect that Goldman Sachs, an ultimate “insider” firm, would have to be one of the casualties.

The third link below cites respected Wall Street analyst, Peter Schiff as saying that “the economy is in worse shape than in 2008,” and adds that “we’re in very bad shape.” Mr. Schiff is frequently interviewed on the establishment financial media, so his analysis should provide a sobering counterpoint to the glib “happy talk” about the economy that one hears on the Evening News. This link comments on the major downgrades in the sovereign debt rating of Greece and Portugal, and adds “the [risk] in the US is just as great–if not greater than [in] Greece.”

The fourth link relates to the information in the first link. Turkey has conducted joint military exercises with Syria, strengthening Turkey’s ties to Syria and Iran. Syria has also threatened Israel with “surprises” if Israel gets involved with another war with Hezbollah, Iran’s proxy force in Lebanon. Turkey, a NATO member, has forgotten who its friends and enemies are.

The fifth link discusses a joint Russian-Indian military effort to develop a superfast hypersonic cruise missile, which is expected to be ready by 2013.  Russia used to be India’s chief weapons provider during the Cold War, and this project shows such contacts are continuing. It seems most odd that this project exists, given Russia’s strategic ties with China (India’s enemy), and India’s warming ties with the USA, the West and the Israelis. While India’s future alignment is not certain yet, my blogs have indicted a belief that India will not be part of the Russian-Chinese-Iranian “Gog Magog” alliance identified in Ezekiel 38. I expect that the delivery date of 2013 for this project will slip to a later year, and that technological information from this project will be routinely leaked by Russia to China and by India to the USA, the Israelis and the West. I further expect that both Russia and India will vehemently deny doing so.

The final link documents that Russia has increased its aggressive incursions with nuclear-capable Russian bombers toward (and into) British air space. Such incidents have occurred 20 times since early 2009. This represents a return to the behavior which characterized Russia during the Cold War. Preferring to live in denial about the revival of Russian bellicosity, the NATO nations prefer to disarm themselves, and even (in the case of France) sell high-tech weapons to Russia (as blogs in recent months have documented). If the Western nations of NATO (many of whom have descended from the ancient ten tribes of Israel who migrated out of Asia into Europe after the fall of the Israelite Parthian Empire in the 3rd century AD) would simply read and understand Ezekiel 38, they would realize what existential danger they are currently facing at the hands of Russia, China and Iran. However, because they have rejected God and the Bible, they are clueless about what is really happening in the world.