U.S. General David Petraeus, Commander of CENTCOM, told CNN on January 10th that the Iranian nuclear facilities “certainly can be bombed” (emphasis not added), and that the Iranian facilities were not fully protected from attack. As the link below notes, this “contradicts recent U.S. media estimates” about whether such an attack is still possible. General Petraeus added that it would be “irresponsible” if the U.S. military were not preparing plans for any contingency that may develop regarding Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The link’s report reports that the naval muscle of the USS Eisenhower carrier task force group is being added to the Mideast region at this time. Does that presage that an attack may be imminent? Not necessarily. We will have to wait and see. However, the time for a diplomatic solution to Iran’s nuclear program is clearly running out.  Especially because of recent revelations that Iran’s nuclear program was much more extensive than previously thought, and that Iran had a number of functioning underground nuclear facilities that had not been discovered. It seems increasingly evident that Iran has never had any intention of stopping its nuclear program and that it has been “stonewalling” the West the entire time that negotiations have been conducted.

At some point, the Israelis (who are most existentially threatened by the Iranian program to develop nuclear weaponry) will have no choice but to take military action. They cannot risk the survival of their nation. If it becomes apparent that the Israelis have no choice but to attack Iran, the USA might as well join the attack because Iran has made it clear that it will retaliate vs. U.S. targets if the Israelis attack Iran. The attack will be much more politically palatable if some Sunni Arab and European NATO nations also join the coalition to attack Iran.

The link reports that the USS Eisenhower task force is entering the Mideast region due to the “rising tensions” in Yemen as well as the crisis in Iran. If the USA does attack Iran, I expect the underground Iranian nuclear facilities will primarily be attacked by the heavy penetrating bombs that can be carried by the USA’s B-2 bombers. Carrier task force warplanes would be most effective attacking Iran’s cruise missile launch facilities, its SAM sites, naval bases, military airfields, etc. If Iran chooses to attack first, a possibility raised in a  previous blog of mine, then U.S. and allied forces will sustain heavier damage in any such war. The link also observes that although President Obama said he would not be sending troops to Yemen or Somalia, that decision has been forced upon him as he has no more troops to send. America’s combat troops are still busy fighting to control the worthless rocks of Afghanistan. They may be wasting their blood, time and energy there for years if the “Nobel Peace Prize” winner in the Oval Office continues his current policies. The more that U.S. troops are worm out in Afghanistan (after being worn out already in Iraq), the less they will be able to either deploy to or fight when a really vital war occurs in the future—as Ezekiel 38 foretells will happen.