I have been receiving a host of links about the global financial problems which are getting worse as the G-20 meeting is set to begin. Indeed, I have received so many such links on this topic that I have decided to do a blog which passes them on to readers for your information and evaluation. Given that so many articles and stories are documenting the global economic and monetary tensions among the nations, one wonders just how bad it is getting “behind closed doors.”

The first link reports that relationships between the Europeans and Americans are deteriorating over the economic policies of the US Fed and US Government, but it notes that the American-German relationship is getting especially chilly. The second link reports that the Bank of England is warning of higher inflation ahead. The third link warns that tensions within the Eurozone nations are also worsening and that a new fiscal crisis within the EU nations may be brewing.

In a remarkable harbinger of what the future may hold, the fourth link cites the head of the World Bank as calling for nations to consider putting gold back into the world’s monetary system. I’m sure that so high-ranking a figure on the world scene would not have made such a statement unless it was approved by many of his global backers. As an indication of how divided the world’s financial leaders are on the topic of gold, the fifth link argues against the inclusion of gold in the world’s formal monetary system. Gold apparently is re-entering the formal international financial markets whether people want it to do so or not. The sixth link reports that a “leading operator of global regulated futures exchanges, clearing houses and over-the-counter (OTC) markets…will accept gold bullion as collateral for all energy and credit default swaps transactions beginning 22 November.” Since this paragraph is on the topic of the precious metals, the seventh link reports about a growing number of lawsuits that “bullion banks” are manipulating the price of silver.

The eighth link is especially powerful. It cites the President of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank as saying “For the next eight months, the nation’s central bank will be monetizing the federal debt.” We laymen might translate that as saying the Fed will create “pretend” money out of thin air to buy the US T-bonds no one in the world wants and it will cross its fingers hoping everyone will accept all this new “pretend” money as if it were real money. Be sure to watch the embedded video which has Fed Chairman Bernanke telling Congress that the Fed would never monetize the debt of the US federal government. This confirms the wisdom of the old adage that one should “never believe anything unless it is officially denied.” Fed Chairman Bernanke officially said the Fed would not monetize the debt and now the Fed is doing exactly what he denied it would do. The ninth link cites another report from Germany that the German Finance Minister warns the Fed’s policy could be “horrendous.” The tenth link ominously warns that much of the rest of the world will be opposing the financial policies of the US government and US Fed at the G-20 meetings. You can be sure that the anger and tension aired behind closed doors at the G-20 meetings will not be shared with the general public.

In a “bombshell” announcement that was scarcely (if at all) mentioned by US media, one of China’s leading bond-rating agencies formally downgraded the ranking of US Bonds and was “highly critical of American attempts to borrow their way out of debt.” Proverbs 22:7 would certainly agree with the assessment of China’s bond-rating agency. That agency would not have made such a pronouncement unless the Chinese government approved such action. Even if Americans remain almost universally clueless that China, the USA’s leading creditor, has now declared that US Bonds are less safe than they used to be, you can be sure all the rest of the world and all the large investment funds are well-aware of China’s dimming view of US T-bonds. Because of China’s growing weight in the world in all financial matters, you can be sure that “when China speaks, the rest of the world listens.” If China has a low view of the safety of US Bonds, you can be sure much of the rest of the world will think the same way…which explains why the Fed has to create money out of thin air to buy US T-Bonds.

One does not need to be a rocket scientist to see that tremendous tensions and fractures are building in the global financial system. At some point, a major crisis and realignment of currencies seems inevitable. The world’s biggest debtor, the USA, seems slated to be the “odd man out” whenever this crisis occurs. These growing global fractures will eventually lead to a collapse of the current global economic system, according to the prophecy in the Revelation 17-18. This biblically-prophesied global collapse of the world’s financial system in the latter days has been discussed in many previous blog posts, as regular readers of this blog know. The links below document that the early warning signs of a global financial crisis are now evident to all. When it occurs, maybe people will start paying some attention to biblical prophecy because this event was prophesied 2000 years ago in the book of Revelation. Maybe they will start realizing the Bible really is the Word of the Creator God himself, who is very much in charge of the flow of world events.

There is a lot of important information to digest in the links below. My thanks to various readers who sent many of them.

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