I am pleased to announce that a sizeable segment of my book, Parthia–The Forgotten Ancient Superpower, is now being made available free to visitors at this website. You may access the posted portion of my book by clicking on the “Book Excerpt” language in the text crawler at my website’s homepage.

While my book examines the founding, history and empire of the powerful but mostly-ignored Parthian Empire, it also includes a chapter entitled The Untold Story of Jesus Christ’s Life. There is important material in the New Testament books which reveal how Jesus’ life was impacted by (and affected!) the superpower relationships between the Roman and Parthian Empires. However, without knowing about the Parthian Empire, these details would be easy to miss to modern readers of the Bible. The free text now offered at his website is from that portion of this chapter that discusses Jesus’ life from birth to age 12.

This segment from my book contains evidence from contemporary Roman and Jewish sources that Jesus Christ/Yahshua did live (some deny this), and it reveals the real reason why Matthew 2:1-3 relates that King Herod and all the citizens of Jerusalem were so afraid when the Magi arrived. Obviously, the arrival of three visitors on camels wouldn’t even have been noticed in cosmopolitan Jerusalem, a major trading hub in ancient times. There is much more to this story than meets the eye. Once you understand this “visit of the Wise Men” in the context of Roman-Parthian geopolitics, you will understand why the Wise Men’s arrival scared Jerusalem out of its wits. The posted text now available also explains the famous “star” which guided the Wise Men to Jesus Christ as a small child. It also examines Jesus Christ’s royal lineage and evidence that the visit of the Wise Men/Magi to Jesus almost caused a war between the Roman and Parthian Empire. Those who have heard about the Wise Men/Magi only in brief Christmas stories have a real treat in store for them when they read what really happened during this visit!

I hope that you enjoy reading this segment of my book. If you appreciate the information, there is much more valuable (and new) information in my book about the “Missing 18 Years” of Jesus Christ’s life between ages 12-30 and the Roman-Parthian politics that affected Jesus’ life during his Judean ministry and trial before Pontius Pilate. To order the book, Parthia–The Forgotten Ancient Superpower, click on the Books link at this website and locate this book’s description. Click on the link there to order it conveniently on-line.

If you enjoy reading this free portion of this book, please send the link to your friends as well so they can also have the same information. Anyone who wants to have more faith in the Bible’s accuracy will benefit from reading this free book segment (as well as the information in any of my books).