Another crack in the stability of the EU has come to light. The first link reports that Austria has grown so weary of the EU’s inability (or unwillingness) to halt the wave of Islamic immigrants coming into Europe that Austria has decided to act unilaterally. It is sending troops “to help police the EU’s external borders (emphasis added).” Did you notice that phrase? Austria is sending troops to help secure not the external borders of Austria, but the external borders of the EU itself. This would involve sending Austrian troops into other nations to help stop Islamic immigration into Europe. Austria apparently has a lot of friends in pursuing this effort. The first link lists 13 nations in Eastern and Southeastern Europe that joined Austria in a meeting to do something about the unchecked waves of Islamic immigrants coming into Europe. If you check the list, you will see that many of these nations used to be part of the same empire with Austria prior to World War I. The Austro-Hungarian Empire included a number of the nations in this modern list of nations who are joining together to stop Islamic immigration via Europe’s southeastern region.

This is a remarkable development as it shows a large group of European nations are willing to work together to thwart an EU policy of allowing seemingly-limitless numbers of Islamic immigrants into Europe. The EU previously went so far as to assign each EU nation the number of Islamic immigrants that it would have to accept. This has resulted in much opposition from member EU nations and they are acting increasingly independent of the EU bureaucracies. Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has finally gotten the message that her pro-Islamic immigrant policies could destroy the EU and even result in her being removed from office in Germany. The second link and third link report that Merkel is now offering money to Islamic immigrants who return to their home nations. In what is a remarkable policy reversal for her, she is proposing that Germany pay many immigrants to leave Germany voluntarily and that almost half a million immigrants could be removed from Germany. She would not be doing this unless she felt her hand had been forced and she had no other choice but to reverse her previous policies on immigrants.

There is growing evidence that more fractures will occur within the EU as the United Kingdom pursues its Brexit separation from the EU. The fourth link, fifth link and sixth link reveal some complex counter-currents are already surfacing in various EU nations due to the Brexit matter. The fourth link’s title indicates Poland is prepared to take action against EU nations seeking to punish the UK for leaving the EU, but it contains only a portion of the overall subscriber article. The fifth link reports Poland does, however, want the UK to pay its previously-agreed upon contributions to the current EU budget, but Latvia and Lithuania aren’t keen on punishing the UK for leaving the EU. The sixth link also indicates that Poland wants to overhaul the EU’s structure to weaken the EU’s central bureaucracy while increasing the power of the national governments of European nations within the EU.

As all can see, the EU is in a state of accelerating disunity which could lead to its disintegration altogether. If the Netherland votes to elect the anti-EU politician, Geert Wilders, in its March election, that trend of accelerating disunity will increase further. As I’ve noted in previous posts, if the EU does disintegrate or have to be reconstituted with fewer members, the Euro currency could also lose its credibility. If the Euro disintegrates or loses its credibility in world financial markets, global commercial deals could come apart as well as all kinds of banking and financial transactions. This could happen suddenly, jeopardizing the stability of the entire global financial system. That could lead to the fulfillment of the biblical prophecy in Revelation 17-18 that the world’s financial/monetary/commercial system will suddenly collapse at some point in the latter days of our age. I’m not predicting that the EU’s fractures will be the trigger which fulfills this prophecy, but it is one likely candidate which could eventually start a panic in all financial markets that could cause the entire global economic system to freeze up. It is clear that the EU is starting to show growing signs of de-cohesion, but its collapse or restructuring would not necessarily cause a collapse of the global financial system. However, if the disintegration of the EU leads to EU member nations also abandoning the Euro, there will be a major global financial crisis as all Euro-denominated financial instruments and transactions (bonds,derivatives, equity prices, etc.) would be in danger of becoming destabilized or even repudiated by nations which now stand behind the Euro.

This trend of increasing fractures within the EU needs to be watched closely, whether you believe in Bible prophecy or not. Exhaustive examination of the aforementioned biblical prophecy can be found in my free article, Is “Babylon the Great” about to Fall…Ushering in a Global “Beast” System?