This post is in the “news you can use” category. In our current reality, all of us are threatened by the COVID pandemic. No one wants to be infected with it or be sickened by it, so any concrete advice or evidence in how to avoid being infected is important to all of us. I wanted all readers to have the same information I’m citing in this post as it could help you avoid being affected by this coronavirus and its symptoms. This information has been available for some time, but it has not been given wide circulation in the mainstream media.

One major media source, Fox News, placed an article at its website which documents that regular supplements to Vitamin D can greatly reduce the chances of someone being stricken with this virus. Indeed, the article asserts that perhaps 90% of all Covid deaths could have been prevented if people had simply had sufficient amounts of Vitamin D in their bodies (first link). Vitamin D is vital in strengthening human immune systems so the body can fight off infections. The article also names Vitamin C, Zinc and Quercitin as supplements that can be taken with Vitamin D to greatly lower the chances of contracting Covid 19 or lessening its symptoms if one does become infected. The Fox News article also states that some hospitals are now giving mega-doses of Vitamin D to treat Covid patients to aid their recovery. The second link is a video clip from a Texas TV station about this same story.

This information has been available for some time at websites dedicated to holistic and natural health treatments, but only a small percentage of the population reads such sites (or even knows about them). Most people get their news from the big media channels, so it is more credible to many people when they see it on TV or read it on a major news source like Fox News. Earlier in 2020, I did a post on the subject of Covid statistics and included in that post was the above information about Vitamin D being an effective means of helping to ward off Covid infections (third link).

The dangers of Covid infections and the draconian lock-downs in many nations and American states are having tremendous negative effect on the lives of many hundreds of millions of people, so anything that can help avoid a covid infection or lessen its effect on those ill with it is vitally important information to have. Congratulations to Fox News for publicizing this simple way of warding off Covid 19 infections. In a time when experimental vaccines are being rushed into public use and there are not enough doses for everyone, having access to a cheap but effective alternative such as Vitamin D is of great value to many people. This post is dedicated to making sure anyone reading my blog has information to the advice presented in this excellent and very timely Fox News article. The information in the article makes me ponder this question: If everyone took supplements of Vitamin D, Vitamin C, zinc and Quercitin (the supplements named in the article), would there even be any need for hastily-prepared vaccines or lock-downs?  Ending the lock-downs would be of immense value to the finances and lives of many people as well as to the finances of all government jurisdictions dependent on sales and business taxes for funding needs.

While I’m on the subject of Covid, I’ll share a personal experience that I encountered with the Covid lock-downs just a few days ago. I traveled through Minnesota to the Twin Cities metro area where my oldest daughter, a realtor, was getting married. This was my first experience in being a father of the bride, and it was awesome; however, being in a locked-down state for several days was a real education. I live in South Dakota, one of the most free states in the USA with a governor who has never imposed any forced lock-downs which close many businesses and forbid people to earn a living. I’ve seen stories in the media about life in locked-down states, but it was finally very personal to actually be in such a state and seeing how their oppressed citizens have to live. I spoke to one restaurant owner in a restaurant along the I-90 corridor who was nearly in tears as he expressed how difficult it was to stay in business. Customers could only get take-out meals and were forbidden to sit in a restaurant which had a sea of empty seats and booths. I said there was no one in the restaurant so could our party of three just sit and eat in one of the empty booths because we could easily be socially-distanced from the rest of humanity. He replied he couldn’t allow it as he could be fined $25,000 by the state of Minnesota if he allowed such a thing to happen. We discussed the complete lack of any common sense or rationality in Minnesota’s Covid rules. Minnesota allows pro and college football teams to play full-contact sports with no masks or social distancing. They tackle, huddle and pile all over each other as they play football, and breath heavily on each other and share each other’s sweat regularly during the game. All these contacts are high-risk Covid exposures, but Minnesota allows them. On the other hand, restaurants can easily have patrons socially-distant from each other by sitting in every other booth or table as is widely done in Sioux Falls, my home city.  Eating meals is obviously an essential activity for everyone, but playing football obviously isn’t. Minnesota Covid laws have the realities backward. I told the restaurant owner that in Sioux Falls we can sit down in booths, eat off menus and that I had eaten at a full-service soup and salad bar in Sioux Falls the night before our trip. He poignantly said that he wished he lived in a state that had a governor like ours!

In the Twin Cities, we stayed at a large motel and one day had a conversation with some people in the ubiquitously-masked masses in Minnesota. When we said we were from South Dakota, a foursome of young women said “Oh, you come from the state with the good governor!” Our governor, Kristi Noem, has said there will be no lock-down in our state as she has no Constitutional authority to do any such a lock-down for any reason. Isn’t that amazing! A governor who actually obeys the Constitution! In Minnesota’s crazy quilt rules, weddings can have more people than receptions, so while the wedding was in Minnesota, all attendees had to caravan to a venue in Wisconsin for the sit-down meal and post-wedding activities. The previous night, our wedding party traveled to a bar and grill in Wisconsin for dinner after the rehearsal. The place was packed and hardly any masks were in sight–what a contrast to the empty desolation evident in Minnesota’s restaurants. It is clear Minnesota is losing an immense amount of business as people along the borders of Minnesota simply travel to neighboring states to try and sample normal life. It was my conclusion that life is truly miserable in states like Minnesota that are governed by what I would call totalitarian socialism. There are many such states in the USA. Spending several days in a locked-down, oppressed state made me relieved to get back across the border to South Dakota–a welcome island of “Free America” in a nation where so many people in other states are forbidden to enjoy and exercise their basic Constitutional rights.

Now back to the title of this post. If everyone daily took the supplements named in the Fox News article, we might be able to really get the Covid 19 pandemic under control and dispense with lock-downs, quicky vaccines, etc. and get back to living our normal lives. I and my daughters have been taking such supplements ever since the Covid scare began, so I am “practicing what I preach.” I urge you to practice what is advised in that article and take a big step toward being well…and free.