A few days, I posted a piece entitled “Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics,” which pointed out that the unemployment and inflation numbers issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the Department of Labor are deceitful numbers which do not reflect the real world numbers. Yesterday, a feature article at the Fox News website also exposed the federal government’s official unemployment numbers as bogus, although it worded it in gentler terms. Specifically, it stated that the official unemployment numbers “do not tell the whole story.”
One Congressman, Duncan Hunter (R-CA) is cited as saying  “Everybody who has friends knows it [the real unemployment rate] is higher.” He is sponsoring legislation which would, in effect, require that the federal government tell the truth in its official unemployment figures. He further states: “We need real numbers, not D.C. numbers” (emphasis added). I suspect his bill has little chance of approval as it is in the interest of the powerful elites to continue to release unemployment and inflation numbers which give a deceitful appearance of the economy being better than it really is in the United States.
Nevertheless, that a major establishment media source like Fox News ran a feature story showing the official unemployment statistics do not give a true picture of the American economy is noteworthy, and worth passing on to readers of this blog. It offers strong confirmation that what I posted in my aforementioned post is true, and it also show that the elites’ ability to dupe the masses about what is really going on in the nation’s economy is waning fast. It is only a matter of time until the official inflation numbers are widely exposed to be bogus as well. I’ve personally heard people scornfully mock the “official” inflation rate as ridiculous when they know that the prices of food, energy, and many other expense categories are going up much more than the “official” rate of inflation. Other major media sources are also seeing through the phoniness of the official unemployment statistics. The second link below, from the US News and World Report website, offers a comedic and fictitious version of a modern Abbot and Costello expose about the unemployment statistics which I think readers will find funny.
As I mentioned in my earlier post,  both GOP and Democratic administrations have issued deceitful unemployment and inflation numbers to make the American economy (and themselves) look better than they really are.  When you go to shadowstats.com, you will see that both GOP and Democrat administrations have been understating unemployment and inflation rates in their official reports for about two decades.
The Bible prophesies in Revelation 17-18 that the current global monetary/economic/financial/commercial system will experience a complete collapse in the latter days a few years prior to the return of Jesus Christ. The world has been duped by evolutionary fairy tales that the Bible is untrue and unscientific. As anyone knows who has read my two free articles, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days, and Is the Earth 6,000 Years Old? [Subtitled: When Lucifer Ruled the World (both available at the home page of this website), the Bible is provably the Divine Revelation of a Creator Being to mankind, who he made in his own image in the physical realm (Genesis 1:26-27). The Bible has many prophecies which have provably come to pass over the millennia and which are coming to pass in today’s geopolitics, as can be seen in my books on the history and modern locations of the ten tribes of Israel and many other articles and blog posts. The Creator God (or “Elohim”) will intervene in mankind’s events to make sure the Bible’s prophecies get fulfilled (Isaiah 41:21-26, Proverbs 21:1). Revelation 17-18 prophesy the world’s global financial/monetary system is heading for a collapse, and God will fulfill that prophecy at a time of his choosing. The global monetary crisis in fiat currencies (the Euro and US dollar especially), the hopelessly out-of-control US federal budget deficit, the abandonment of the US Treasury markets by foreign nations and investors (requiring the US Fed to monetize the debt by creating money out of thin air to finance the US federal deficit), the dire Greek financial situation and the risk it poses to the Euro and other Euro nations, the continuing downgrades of the creditworthiness of many western nations and the deceitful economic statistics fed to the US public all confirm that the current system is looking more like a house of cards that is starting to totter.
I do not know when the current system will fall and I do not know what the trigger will be that God uses to topple it, but all the above factors indicate the collapse is drawing closer (remember that media reports indicted that the entire system was within hours of global collapse in Autumn, 2008, which indicates we are living on borrowed time already). Revelation 17:16 prophesies the collapse will not be orderly or smooth. Its language allows for a “blood in the streets” scenario when it happens. It cannot yet be said that “Babylon the Great is fallen, is fallen” as Revelation 18:1 states will be proclaimed when the event occurs, but it can be said that Babylon the Great is in the process of falling. The Creator God who rules the Universe has pre-told and pronounced its doom, so it is only a matter of time. Nothing can save it against God’s sentence against it. Its fall will affect all of us. I hope you have read my article, Should Christians Prepare for Future Hard Times? to make at least some personal preparations for that event when it happens.