In my May 12th blog, I noted that I needed some personal rest time, and would be blogging less frequently to pursue that rest. However, there is so much happening of vital importance on the world scene that it appears my blogs may be more frequent than I had expected. A reader sent the link below to me which is a “must watch” video for all students of biblical prophecy and all people concerned about making preparations for the biblical end times. The video is about 12 minutes long and is an interview with a retired US General who is obviously well-briefed on what is happening behind the scenes in the Mideast.

In this interview, the retired US General warns that Iran is making rapid preparations to launch its own first strike at the Israelis before the Israelis attack Iran (I raised this possibility in a blog months ago). He details that Iran has been helping Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon dig tunnels under the Lebanese-Israeli borders through which numerous Hezbollah fighters will emerge into Israeli territory in a Summer, 2010 war. He also reveals that Hezbollah has far more missiles concealed in Lebanon than I previously realized and that many, long-range SCUDS can now hit almost any city in Israel. In a very ominous revelation, he states that a Russian submarine, flagged as an Iranian sub, offloaded in Lebanon a very toxic cargo of chemical/hazardous weaponry to give to Hezbollah the means to launch this hazardous material into Israeli cities via the many missiles now possessed by Hezbollah. This account argues that this General has continued access to sensitive intelligence and satellite reconnaissance information that he is revealing to the general public to give them advance warning of how bad a Summer, 2010 war in the Mideast could be. If this is true, it reveals that Russia is helping the Iranians to arm Hezbollah to launch a crippling blow against the Israelis in a first-strike. He adds that the Iranian-Syrian-Hezbollah warplans includes launching  waves of missiles at Israeli air bases to crater their runways so Israeli warplanes cannot take off on missions.

The retired US General warns that the summer of 2010 will be a “tipping point” for Mideast geopolitics.  Indeed, it will be a tipping point for the world if a war this large erupts. Since Russia’s involvement in arming Hezbollah with chemical weapons to kill Israelis has now been openly stated in this video link, you can be sure the Mossad is aware of this report as well. If Russian-supplied weapons of mass destruction (WMD) are used against Israelis in a war, I would expect that the Mossad will arrange for some very punishing “payback” in Russian cities if Israeli cities are hit by Russian WMD weapons in any new Mideast War. This war does not sound like a war to gain an independent state for the Palestinians or any such limited political goal. It sounds like Iran intends to make goods on its threat to “wipe Israel off the map.” This is shaping up as a war for Israeli survival. The Israelis cannot afford to wait and let Iran have a first strike against Israeli targets and air fields. Decision time is fast approaching.

The interview also adds that the dire threats to Israeli military assets posed by Hezbollah and Syrian missiles has caused the Israelis to move much of their strategic retaliatory assets onto the German-made Dolphin submarines now serving in the Israeli Navy. It is widely assumed that those Israeli submarines can fire missiles with nuclear weapons. If WMD weapons are fired at Israeli targets, I expect the Israelis will have little choice but to respond with nuclear missiles of their own.

Such a war could spread rapidly. Iran has threatened to shut down the Straits of Hormuz in any such war in order to cut off oil to western nations and wreck their economies. The second link outlines Iran’s plans to do exactly that. Iran recently staged a very warlike naval exercise to demonstrate their ability and determination to shut down oil shipments from the Persian Gulf to the USA and the western nations. According to this Israeli source, the Iranian Navy “searched a French and Italian vessel,” “buzzed” a US aircraft carrier, and was even engaged in “stopping and checking destroyers and cargo ships.”  Excuse me. The Iranians stopped and boarded non-Iranian navy ships, and these warships allowed such activity? Why didn’t they open fire on the Iranians? Any Iranian attempt to board western warships could include a suicide bomb attack by any Iranians boarding any ship in the future. Anyone who thinks Iran isn’t preparing for war has their head in the sand.

You mean that the establishment American press isn’t telling you this information? It seems there is a lot the American people are not being told. I strongly urge you to read my article “Should Christians Prepare for Future Hard Times” and start acting on it for the well-being of you and your families. If a large war breaks out in the Mideast this summer as the retired US General predicts in the first link below, it will affect the western economies, currencies and perhaps even the food and product distribution systems in western nations. The threat of Hezbollah sleeper cells being activated in the USA and western nations is very real if such a war breaks out.  I’m sure Iranian planners have skillfully identified the domestic American infrastructure targets which, if destroyed, could cripple the USA the most. It could get real ugly real fast. This war is not yet certain, but it steadily is looking more likely. Jesus prophesied about “wars and rumors of wars” in the latter days (Matthew 24:6), and we now have been given a credible warning of a major war erupting this summer which could alter our lives for the rest of this age.  Paul prophesied in II Timothy 3:1 that “perilous times” would come in the last days of our age. We may be about to enter those times.