Former CIA Director Michael Haden has warned that a US attack against Iran has now become “more likely.” Mr. Hayden served as CIA Director under President Bush. I noticed this story in a very brief mention in USA Today’s print issue yesterday, and a websearch netted the first three links that I have provided below. The USA Today story also quoted Mr. Hayden as telling CNN in an interview that military action vs. Iran now “seems inexorable.” That’s a pretty strong statement. As a former CIA Director, Mr. Hayden is in a position to know about such matters. Let’s dig deeper into this story.

The fourth link, from, offers an underlying reason for the USA’s new consideration of a military attack vs. Iran’s nuclear facilities. It reports that Saudi Arabia has essentially given the US an ultimatum do either “do something” about Iran’s nuclear program or “Saudi Arabia and its allies will go their own way on the nuclear issue.” As my previous blogs have noted, the Israelis and the Saudis are being pushed closer together to take action against Iran if the USA does nothing. My July 25th blog included a link that the Israeli Mossad Chief recently made a secret visit to Saudi Arabia to consult with his Saudi counterparts. That visit may have been to coordinate a strike vs. Iran if Obama does nothing.

Notice that the Saudi ultimatum to Obama does not name which nations are Saudi Arabia’s “allies” in opposing Iran. If the Israelis, Saudis and others take independent action against Iran, it will make President Obama look even weaker and more ineffective than he already looks to the world community. If the Debka link is accurate, it is Saudi Arabia which may be forcing Obama to take action against Iran. The Debka report is strongly supported by the information in the final link below. That link reports that the Ambassador to the USA from the United Arab Emirates (a Saudi ally) openly called on the USA to use military force against Iran. The UAE Ambassador was quoted as saying he “absolutely” supports the use of force by the USA vs. Iran. However, the story also reports the UAE backtracked from what their Ambassador said after the UAE received pressure from Iran. I think the UAE Ambassador “let the cat out of the bag” re: what several Sunni Arab nations are telling President Obama behind closed doors.

The second link includes a slideshow about Iran’s nuclear program and a short videoclip about Iran’s President promising retaliation if Iran is attacked. If a war breaks out in the Mideast, the lives of Americans could be changed quickly and dramatically. I have mentioned this before, but I hope that you are taking the actions suggested in my article, Should Christians Prepare for Future Hard Times, available at the articles link at this website. That article includes advice on how to prepare for emergencies from official US federal agencies.

Don’t expect to hear much about this important story from the establishment media. They are far too busy telling you about such matters as what is happening in Lindsey Lohan’s life.