Do you recall when Sharyl Attkisson was one of the best investigative journalists working for CBS-News? Her stories were often excellent exposes of government excesses or covered-up mistakes. She was fired when her reports proved to be too embarrassing for the US government agencies she investigated and too much in conflict with the liberal agendas of CBS-News’ executives. This story was brought to my attention by a reader, and it is an appropriate follow-up to my previous post regarding an on-camera personality at CNBC-TV being fired for not being sufficiently liberal in her TV reports. Combined, these stories really shine a spotlight on the liberal bias that is endemic in the American media.

The first link reports that Sharyl Attkisson’s report revealed that the CDC and the National Institute for health (NIH) “ignored…results that weren’t as expected” concerning flu vaccines, and that¬† an NIH study revealed that “the death rate had increased markedly since widespread flu vaccination among older Americans” (emphasis added). It also cites a doctor stating that “most flu vaccines contain mercury and formaldehyde…Both are poisons and should never be injected into any human being.” Has any reader heard or read in media reports that studies by US government agencies show that flu vaccines are hazardous to your health and especially to the elderly?

The second link is from Ms. Attkisson’s website that reveals more information that insider US government studies that confirm the dangers of flu shots are being kept from the public and researchers who do reveal the information do so at risk to their careers. It specifically asserts: “the death rate among the elderly increased substantially” after mass vaccination programs were instituted. The third link is a web search menu of links on this subject to enable you to read a wide variety of perspectives on this topic. A related link at Ms. Attkisson’s website also reveals suppressed government evidence which indicates that there is a link between vaccinations and autism in children (last link).

Regardless of the topic, the American mainstream media is being shown by credible media insiders to be propagandists for liberal agendas and politically-correct government agency actions instead of being the honest journalists that they should be. Honest journalists risk getting fired.

Keep this in mind as you listen to media reports about all topics in the future. All too many media reports are not being aired or written to inform you–they are instead intended to program you to believe and think in certain ways desired by the liberal/leftist establishment members

Many American readers of my blog are likely already aware of the liberal bias within the establishment US media. However, on any given month, readers from 120-130 nations visit my blog. Many of these readers may have minimal access to American media sources. They need to be informed about the establishment American media’s biases and this post, combined with the previous one, help to inform non-American readers about his bias.