It has been announced that there was a “heavy bee die-off this winter,” as food growers scramble to find living bees to pollinate crops. The first link notes that “about 1/3rd of the human diet is from plants that require pollination from honeybees, which means everything from apples to zucchini.” The link reports that a pesticide sold by Bayer is currently the prime suspect in the worsening of what was already a severe crisis for food growers. A lawsuit has halted the sale of Bayer’s suspected pesticide for now, but that won’t bring back any dead bees.

In the first link you will see reports from one beekeeper that had losses of honeybees 300% worse than the previous year, which was already a crisis year. The survival rate of bee hives has “gotten so much worse in the past four years.” The story was also mentioned at the Weather Channel website (see second link).

The article cites a number of other suspected causes for the Colony Collapse Disorder, which is killing off the honeybees. There is one potential cause that is not mentioned: the widespread use of Genetically-Modified Crops. A blog posted some time ago at this website reported that organic farmers (ones who do not use pesticides, GM-crops, etc.) had no problem with bee die-offs. The organic farmers are obviously doing something right that non-organic farmers are doing wrong. Consider this. When God made the Creation, he made all species to reproduce themselves. This includes all the plant species (Genesis 1:11-13). God created a very complex, integrated, interdependent system of species on earth. Those who say that this all happened by blind chance against the scientific laws of the Universe need to read Psalm 14:1. GM-foods are biochemically designed not to reproduce themselves. In other words, GM “foods” are not “real” plant species according to the Genesis 1 standard. In Europe these lab-created plant species are sometimes called “Frankenfoods” because they are feared as “Frankenstein” dangers to the food supply. It is entirely possible that honeybees, which were created by God to live off the living pollens and nectars of natural plant species, are not receiving critically-important items in their diet that when they feed off the sterile nectars and pollens of GM foods. This possibility should be studied intensively along with all the other possible causes because famines are looming if the honeybee die-offs continue.

My March 21st blog reported on the severe danger posed to global wheat crops by Ug-99, a wheat plant disease. The bee die-off threatens far more types of crops than Ug-99. Matthew 24:7 and Revelation 6:5-6 both prophesy that famines will be prevalent during the latter-days of this age just before the return of Jesus Christ. Readers can see an extensive set of evidence that we are living in the biblical latter days by examining my article on that subject in the Articles link at this website. With Ug-99 stalking global wheat crops and worsening honeybee die-offs threatening 1/3rd of mankind’s food supplies, the stage is being set for the onset of major food shortages. Indeed, God may have nothing to do with the famines that are prophesied to strike the earth in the latter days. The famines may be caused by mankind’s own refusal to live within the agricultural and natural laws of God. When the famines strike, biblical prophecies will become much more real to a lot of people.