Although Americans haven’t felt the full force of it yet, a food crisis is starting to loom in the USA. It may be averted if there is a major change in weather patterns, but otherwise a food crisis is drawing nearer.

The first two links document the severity of the water shortage in California and many other states in the western USA. Many Americans don’t realize how dependent they are on California’s production of many kinds of vegetables, fruits, tree nut crops, etc. that are taken for granted by American shoppers. The first link reports the startling news that California’s farmers in the heart of that state’s agricultural belt will receive no water at all for their crops this year from the state’s water distributors. This is very critical because it may mean that many producers will go out of business and that they will not be producing crops next year even if water flows return to normal. The severe California drought is not just a threat to America’s vegetable production, but also is a dire threat to the USA’s production (and consumption) of all kinds of fruits and tree nut crops. The third link, from the US Department of Agriculture, reports that 51% of America’s fruit crops are from California and that 90% of its tree nut crops are from California. Americans are likely to have a greatly reduced amount of vegetables, fruits and tree nuts to eat if this California drought continues. The drought is vital to tree crops, grapevines for table grapes and vineyards for wines and other perennial fruit and berry crops as the lack of water for these trees, vineyards and berry bushes may mean they will die and that will cause a a permanent loss of productive acreage for these crops even when normal rains return to California.

The California drought’s threat to America’s vegetable, fruit and tree nut crops is bad enough, but there is another problem facing America’s food production efforts. The USA’s winter wheat crop is in jeopardy of being much less than usual due to the winter-kill of a significant portion of the winter wheat  crop (fourth link). That affects not just bread production, but also lots of other packaged and prepared foods that require breading or flour of some kind in their production.

In another growing threat to the USA’s food supply, the Colony Collapse Disorder, which is killing off much of the USA’s supply of pollinating honeybees, also could further reduce the amount of food that is available due to the lack of necessary pollination at critical plant growth stages. I have posted on this subject several times in the past.

As my books document and prove, the USA is the chief modern nation that has descended from the ancient ten tribes of Israel. These tribes are Covenant Nations that God has blessed with unique blessings due to the “birthright” promises given to their forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (renamed “Israel”). Readers can get a quick topical view of just some of the evidence presented in my books by reading my article, The USA in Biblical Prophecy, or by listening to some of the free audio messages on the history of the ten tribes of Israel. Our forefathers made a covenant with God at Mt. Sinai and that covenant included both national blessings for obedience to God’s laws and national curses for disobedience to God’s laws  (Deuteronomy 28).  It is no surprise to anyone to assert that the USA is increasingly becoming a society which is disobedient to God’s laws. If God is really the Creator, then he should be expected to start implementing some of the national curses on modern Covenant nations descended from the ten tribes of Israel. One of the curses for national disobedience is prolonged droughts and resultant food shortages. Deuteronomy 28:23 states that God will make the sky overhead as “brass” and the earth under our feet as “iron.”  In other words, the skies will give no rain and the soil will become rock hard as it does in prolonged droughts. That is now happening in California, which few realize is America’s main food source for many of its table foods.

America’s Midwest, where I live, mainly produces corn and soybeans for use in America’s food supply and for export purposes. However, it is noteworthy that even China has been refusing some shipments of US corn because the shipments contain genetically-modified corn (last link). China has refused at least 1.6 million tons of US corn shipments due to the presence of GMO corn in the shipments. Obviously, the USA needs to produce non-GMO foods which are the kinds of foods desired by America’s export customers. The GMO-contaminated corn crop production rejected by China (or other overseas customers) can still be used by the USA’s ethanol plants.

Watch carefully how long the California drought lasts and how far it spreads to other food-producing states. Food may be a lot more expensive by the end of this year if current trends continue.