June 22, 2009
Steve Collins
A previous blog concerned the bizarre case of two supposedly-Japanese businessmen caught smuggling $134 Billion in US bonds on their way from Italy to Switzerland. This blog will add some new information to this story. Interestingly, the major American media is still censoring this important story from their news reports and websites. That alone speaks volumes.
The single link below is from the Glenn Beck program on FOX News. I happened to hear this segment on my car radio and located the internet link to a transcript of it for readers to consider. Glenn Beck interviewed a financial analyst and it is surprising how little about this unprecedented smuggling act can be truly pinned down as factual. Were the bonds valid or counterfeit? We still don’t know for sure. As the transcript points out, US Government agencies are surprisingly silent in giving out any firm information to the public. Indeed, one division of the US Treasury Department is cited as saying the bonds are fake while another division of the same US Treasury Department can’t say for sure. Also, it is still not clear whether the “two Japanese businessmen” were really Japanese or whether they have been released or are still in custody. How could they possibly be released if they are involved in the largest counterfeiting case in history? One US Agency is cited as identifying the bonds as fake based “on internet photos.” What? The responsible US authorities haven’t even bothered to look in person yet at a disputed and smuggled $134 Billion in US Bonds?  This is bizarre. We’re dealing with enough smuggled bonds to greatly manipulate the US Bond market and US dollar if they were real (or traded on the market as if they were real by a complicit agent inside the secretive Swiss banking system.
I’d like to point out an important part of the transcript which can easily be overlooked. There is a brief exchange about whether the US Government could be “double-dealing” its US Treasury Debt by issuing more debt secretly than is admitted publicly. That may be the worst-case scenario: That the US Government is so hopelessly in debt that it is issuing “private placements” of US Bonds to foreign nations, banks or sovereign wealth funds without bothering to tell the Congress, the American people or the financial markets. Last year when Congress foolishly gave unchecked authority to the US Treasury Secretary re: financial matters, the members of Congress reportedly didn’t even have time to read the entire bill!  Maybe they ought to read the fine print in that bill and see how much secret “money-creation” powers they gave away to the Fed and the US Treasury. A previous blog noted that German Prime Minister Angela Merkel openly criticized the US Federal Reserve Board in a very public manner. That is also very unusual. Maybe she knows more of what is going on behind the scenes than she can dare say publicly.
The longer the US Government and media hide this huge story, the more sinister the whole affair looks and the less credible will be their tardy explanations. If they continue to ignore this story, then there must be something really big to hide.
Revelation 17-18 prophesies that “Babylon the Great,” the global and interlocking political/economic/financial/commercial system of the latter-day world, will spectacularly collapse. It will be dealt a death blow by “seven heads and ten horns” who will “eat her flesh and burn her with fire.” (Rev. 17:9-16). Rev. 17:17 adds that when the time for Babylon the Great’s fall comes on God’s timetable, it will be God himself who will “put in the hearts” of the seven heads and ten horns to overthrow the world economic system. Various financial contracts refer to “acts of God” in their exclusions and limitations. At some juncture in the future, a real “act of God” will result in Divine action to ensure that those rebelling against the global system of world finance will succeed in their efforts. Since the current system of global finance is based on US dollars, this event is likely to be very painful for the US Government and for American citizens.
We don’t yet know for sure what nations will be involved in collapsing Babylon the Great’s system, but this very bizarre (and unexplained) seizure of $134 Billion in questionable US Bonds on their way into Switzerland’s secretive banking system confirms some very deadly games are already being played behind the scenes in the field of global geopolitics and world finance. I urge you to read the transcript from the Glenn Beck program in the link below for more in-depth revelations about this critically-important matter being covered up by the establishment American media.