My previous post was about a very unusual connection between recent mass shootings in the USA and the LIBOR global finance scandal, I received a couple emails from people who wondered if the story was valid or not. For people who may have the same question, I am offering two links.
The original website which posted the link I cited for a time had pulled the original story off its website and replaced the link which had the story with a vague generic page offering no meaningful information. As I replied to one reader today, standard journalistic procedure is for a newspaper, website, TV station, or any media outlet to offer a retraction and correction if a particular story errs in some way. I saw no such retraction or correction offered by the original website or the author who posted the story I cited. For those who would like to see the story I cited as it was initially posted, you may now see it in its entirety in the video at the first link.
Indeed, if you look at the second link, the original website which ran the story about the connections between the fathers of two recent mass murderers and the LIBOR scandal has now posted an approximately nine-minute video which not only re-asserts the pertinent information in its original article, but branches out to a variety of other topics as well concerning the shootings, gun control issues, etc. I’d like to stress that the speaker in the second link is expressing his own views on the subject and that I do not necessarily endorse or agree with everything else he says on the videoclip. However, I do wish to point out that the original website that ran the story is not only not issuing any retraction of the story but is also affirming it in a videoclip report.
While I cannot personally verify the veracity of these reports, I do think that readers have a right to see them and decide for themselves what they wish to conclude about their information. Revelation 17-18 depict the latter-day system of Babylon the Great as a very corrupt alliance of the “merchants of the earth” (a good prophetic terminology for multinational corporations whose marketplace is the entire world) and the “kings of the earth” (government leaders and politicians) who exploit the people of the nations for their own aggrandizement (Revelation 18:3). This story about an unusual connection of the Libor scandal to recent mass murderers story reveals one more possible fracture line in the foundation which supports the current global world system.