Perhaps readers have heard the explanations given this week in the financial media trying to explain the origins of the “flash crash” that occurred in 2010. This “flash crash” suddenly collapsed the US Dow Jones Industrials average by “600 points in five minutes” (first link) or “nearly 1,000 points in a few minutes” (third link). The explanations in the first three links report that a stock manipulation practice called “spoofing” was to blame for the crash, and that this practice involves placing hundreds of trading orders which are then promptly cancelled before they can be executed. The second link asks the obvious question of why it took five years to bring charges against the deceptive trader who as manipulating the stock market from a computer in his house in the United Kingdom. Are the regulators completely comatose? Why aren’t they jailing everyone who does this kind of stock manipulation?

The first link also notes a vital issue, for which the media offers no answer. It notes that the Dow Jones index “inexplicably recovered minutes later.” How did it do so? The recovery was, admittedly, “inexplicable.” In my opinion, the answer is obvious. I believe the US Federal Reserve Board, acting through the “Plunge Protection team” it operates with major Wall Street banks, quickly placed immense numbers of “buy” orders in the Dow Jones index stocks to reverse the cascading stock market crash. I recall the panic that this crash elicited. I heard about it while listening on my car radio, and the news commentator was in a panic–wondering if a crash like 1987 was in the offing. Where did the immense amount of money suddenly come from to execute all those “buy” orders? I think the obvious answer is that the US Federal Reserve Board suddenly created mega-billions of US dollars out of thin air and quickly turned that “funny money”‘ into “real money” when it loaned it into existence to the Big Banks to execute the buy orders before the unexpected stock market crash turned into another Great Depression.

The third link poses an even more ominous concern. It asks: “If a lone trader operating out his London home can temporarily bring down markets, imagine what a well-financed criminal syndicate could do to cripple the financial system?” Indeed. What happened to the Dow Jones index in the flash crash could be done to any index anywhere in the world. We have been told that ISIL is very computer savvy and self-funds its terrorist regime. Could they use this very technique to simultaneously attack a number of global world markets? Couldn’t Russian and Chinese hacker teams do it as well? If they succeeded in creating a global crash, they could do more damage to the world acting via a few computers than via a military attack somewhere.

I would like to pose a biblically-based question, applying Revelation17-18’s prophecy to this “flash crash” instance. Revelation 17-18 prophesies that the entire global financial/monetary/banking system will collapse “within one hour” (Revelation 18:10 and 19) at some point in the latter days of our current age. [Please read my article, Are We Living in the Biblical “Latter Days?”, if you have not done so already to confirm that we are living in this prophesied time period.] My question is this: If one rogue trader sitting at a computer in his London house almost tore down the entire global financial markets by accident, imagine how successful the “seven heads and ten horns” of Revelation 17:9-18 will be when they act together on purpose in a concerted effort to tear down the current global financial/banking/monetary system?

In a related story, the final link reports that Deutsche Bank has paid a $2.5 billion fine to settle charges that it manipulated key global interest rates. As usual, the bank paid the fine, but there is no report that its officers and top leaders were charged with any criminal charges for doing what they did. The regulatory agencies, as usual, let the big bankers and financiers get off with less than a mild hand-slap. The final link includes information that it was derivatives traders that were involved with the requests/efforts to fix the global interest rates to their trading advantage. To my knowledge, the incalculably large derivatives market is still unregulated and has no global governmental oversights to make sure that derivatives trades do not recklessly bring down the entire global financial system. Again, the regulatory agencies are non-functional and inert in light of this urgent need for regulating the derivatives industry. It is entirely possible that either ISIS cyber-terrorists or the prophesied “seven heads and ten horns” could use the derivatives markets to bring down the entire global financial system at a time in the future. If they suddenly bring down a few major banks and trading houses, cascading counter-party risks could cause the entire global system to melt down in one hour…just as Revelation 18:10 and 19 predict.