A geopolitical development has occurred in Europe which seems to have been taking place “under the radar” of the news media. Russia found out about it and is so alarmed that they are warning World War III could result from it. What is this event? It is “that Finland and Sweden have made a joint proposal on NATO partnership” (first link). Russia responded to this proposal by stating that Sweden, Finland and the Baltic nations are the most “russophobic” nations in Europe. Did you hear about this on the news?

The second link focuses on Sweden and it includes an observation that Sweden’s military is now so weak that it could only defend the nation for one week in an actual war. It also makes a very interesting assertion without apparently understanding the ramifications of that assertion. It states that Sweden’s intelligence services have been working very closely with the intelligence agencies of the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. It has been a long time since I mentioned this in a post, but these five nations are the members of a “secret” spying alliance known as Project Echelon, which spies on Russia and other potential rival nations (see third link). The global NSA spying programs are connected to project Echelon, as the third link notes.

Those who have read my books, listened to my audio messages at my website about the history of the ten tribes of Israel or read some of my articles already know that these five Anglo-Saxon nations compose the “house of Joseph” in the modern world. They are all “brother” nations with a common language, heritage and values. Genesis 48:1-49:1, 22-26 record the giving of the Abrahamic “birthright” blessing to Joseph and his descendants throughout human history. Joseph’s descendants in the latter days were to be one single mighty nation (verses 17-19) and a “multitude of nations” (verse 19). They were to be a “multitude in the midst of the earth.” In other words, they were to become large nations in the middle latitude zones of the earth. The USA began as the descendants of Joseph’s son, Manasseh, who has become the single great nation (see my article, The USA in Biblical Prophecy) , and the other named Anglo-Saxon nations are all descended from Ephraim, Joseph’s other son. The third link reports that the five Anglo-Saxon nations (composing the descendants of Joseph in the modern world) have their own intelligence-gathering and sharing operation. Apparently, Sweden has joined them in a close association and Sweden and Finland are considering joining the NATO alliance. My books identify Sweden as the Israelite tribe of Naphtali and Finland as the Israelite tribe of Issachar.

Why does Russia fear Sweden and Finland joining NATO? Because Russia, unlike Americans who know almost nothing about world history, knows its European history. If Sweden and Finland get their acts together militarily, history shows they can be formidable opponents. In the Catholic-Protestant wars in Europe during the Protestant Reformation, Sweden’s King, Gustavus Adolphus, led a Swedish army onto the European continent and fought on the side of the Lutherans and other Protestants. The Swedish army won important victories and Sweden’s invasion of the European mainland in behalf of the Protestants may be the reason why some nations in Europe remained Protestant instead of being assimilated back into the Catholic fold. Finland’s history is more recent and that is what really concerns Russia. In 1939-40, the massive nation of Russia invaded little Finland to gobble it up.  The Russians were amazed at what tough fighters the Finns were. The Swedes gave some military supplies to help the Finns, but mostly the Finns were on their own during “the winter war.” The last link gives an excellent history of that war, in which a “tiny nation of riflemen” all but destroyed a massive invading army of Russians. At the end of the war, Finland did have to cede some territory and economic assets to Russia, but the Finns preserved their independence and inflicted a terrific defeat on the Russians on the battlefield. The last link reports the Russian losses were 126,875 dead or missing, 264,908 wounded and about 5,600 captured. The Finns lost 26,662 dead and 39,000+ wounded. The Finns also destroyed 2, 268 Russian armored vehicles without losing any of their own! The reason they didn’t lose any armored vehicles is that they had none in their army. This war had major subsequent consequences, I believe. Adolph Hitler and his generals were watching the very poor performance of the Red Army in Finland in 1939-40. Not long afterwards, Germany launched Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of Russia. It may be that Hitler thought Russia would be an  easy-to-defeat enemy due to Russia’s poor performance on the battlefield in Finland. However, Russian forces fought far better when they were defending their homeland against Hitler’s armies.

Russia remembers very well that Finland, all by itself, administered a stinging defeat on Russian armies in 1939-40. Russia does not want a nation with a history of such military prowess joining NATO. It is not a certainty that Finland and Sweden will join NATO, but as they see Russia growing militarily stronger, they may have no choice. Currently, opinion in Sweden is evenly split with 29% favoring NATO membership and 32% opposing it with 39% undecided (second link).

If Finland and Sweden do eventually join NATO, it will all but complete the unification of all the modern nations descended from the ten tribes of Israel into one military alliance. Most interestingly, Ezekiel 38-39 prophesy that the Russian-led, Gog-Magog alliance will launch a surprise attack against the nations of “Israel” in the latter days (Ezekiel 38:8, 16) just prior to the “presence” of God coming to the earth to intervene in the war (Ezekiel 38:20). This will be World War III and Ezekiel 38-39 directly parallels the “Armageddon” war prophesied in Revelation 19:11-20:4, which also is about Divine intervention in an earthly war. As readers of my books know, the term “Israel” in biblical prophecy indicates the ten tribes of Israel, not the Jews of the house of Judah. When God references the Jews in the latter days, he uses the term, “Judah,” as in Zephaniah 2 and Zechariah 12 and 14. “Judah” is nowhere mentioned in Ezekiel 38-39. Ezekiel 38-39 refers to a latter-day, Gog-Magog alliance of nations invading the nations of the house of Israel (the ten tribes) which could soon all be in NATO.

National leaders ought to take warning from Ezekiel 38-39 that Russia and its Gog-Magog allies intend to invade the NATO nations and their allies in the future. The NATO nations ought to be building up their military forces, but they are so blinded by evolutionary fables that they do not listen to the specific warnings God gave them 2500 years in advance. If the NATO nations of the house of Israel feared God and took warning from Ezekiel 38-39, they would be unbeatable because God gives them so many details about the Russian-led invasion in advance.

My thanks to a reader who tipped me off to the first link.

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