A reader sent this link to me, and I think it is vital to pass this on to all readers of this blog. It has rather dire implications for many Americans who live in states with severe financial problems.

The states that are often cited as being in the worst condition financially often include California, Illinois, Nevada, Arizona, Florida, New Jersey, Michigan, etc. Illinois is dramatically raising taxes and New Jersey’s governor is making major cuts in public spending to try and resolve budgetary woes. Michigan may be about to implement a truly draconian solution. The Michigan Legislature is very close to giving the Michigan governor the right to impose a kind of “financial martial law” upon cities, school districts and local governments to force them to get their financial houses in order. The governor could appoint a “manager” to take over the administration of cities or school districts and remove the elected officials from decision-making capacities. Such “managers” would essentially be governor-appointed “receivers” who could make radical changes in order to put local governments back on a solid financial footing. Indeed, the Michigan action would allow such managers the right to “eliminate whole cities or school districts without any public input.” One GOP State Senator is quoted as saying that Detroit is a prime candidate to need “financial martial law” imposed upon it.

Do you think this sounds too radical to pass? This bill has already passed both houses of the Michigan Legislature and the governor is ready to sign the bill as soon as the separate versions of the bill are reconciled in a House-Senate Conference Committee. When the bill is passed and signed (as seems likely), the Michigan governor could appoint “managers” for Detroit and other cities which would result in the locally-elected officials being kicked out of any decision-making capacity for their cities. This is a very draconian and anti-American sounding type of solution, but some cities and local governments have been mismanaged for so long that the Michigan Legislature is just about ready to “lower the boom” on a lot of cities and local governments.

If Michigan takes this action, other states with major financial problems may do the same thing. If you live in a state or city with major financial woes and seemingly insoluble financial problems, take warning! This type of state-imposed financial martial law may be the only way to bypass local politicians who are often the main obstacle to accomplishing necessary changes.

When/if American budgetary problems deteriorate further due to a dollar collapse or some other financial crisis, this type of “financial martial law” may become a norm across America for solving the hopeless debt problems faced by governments who have spent and borrowed themselves into oblivion. This obviously raises some additional questions. If states themselves have insoluble financial problems, will “financial martial law” be imposed on some American states? Who will take such action? The federal government lacks such authority, but perhaps bondholders and creditors could force legislatures to take such action. Indeed, the federal government itself is the governmental body with the most profligate spending and borrowing crisis. Could it be forced into “financial martial law” by foreign governments and creditors?

Proverbs 22:7 warns that “the borrower is servant to the lender” so the US federal government may eventually be compelled by foreign creditors to get its house in order. Revelation 17-18 prophesy that the global money system of “Babylon the Great” will collapse in the latter days, and that it will be overthrown and taken down hard by “seven heads and ten horns” who will install a new global monetary/financial system which the Bible calls the “beast” system. Unquestionably, the US dollar, controlled by the Federal Reserve Board, is the global reserve currency of our current “Babylon the Great” system, so it is the US dollar and the US Federal Reserve Board which apparently must be “taken down” for this prophecy to be fulfilled. When this happens, things could get really ugly real fast. Americans need to get out of our mindset which thinks “bad things can’t happen here.” Very bad things could happen here if current trends continue, and the performance of the current US Congress is very disappointing. Although America’s dire fiscal situation cries out for major austerity actions, Congress has barely even begin to “trim the toenails” of the debt monster which is consuming the entire USA. You may want to ask yourself some serious questions about where you choose to live in the near future. Given what may soon be happening in Michigan (and perhaps other states), it may be wise for your own well-being to live in a state which has its financial house in order.