The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has warned the US Congress that the nation is at risk of having its electrical grids knocked out “for weeks, maybe months.” The risk comes from the electromagnetic effects that could be generated by an atomic explosion over the US mainland. The electromagnetic “pulse” from the explosion would fry much of the American electrical infrastructure, knocking out electrical power indefinitely. Power would not be restored until critical infrastructure machinery in the electrical grid was replaced. The FERC warned that “everything from communications networks to military defenses” would be disrupted (see first link below).

The damage would be far-reaching from such an attack. A Congressionally-created panel warned that “such an attack would halt banking, transportation, food, water and emergency services and ‘might result in defeat of our military forces.'” Another expert is cited as saying such an attack would be “catastrophic” and one Congressman, Rep. Bartlett (R-MD) warned “full recovery could take up to 10 years” if it occurred. The FERC is, quite sensibly, asking for authority to “require power companies to take protective steps, which could include building metal shields around sensitive computer equipment.”

The risks of an EMP blast have been known to the military for many years, and military forces have “hardened” their components so they would survive an EMP blast. However, civilian Americans are amazingly ignorant of how real this threat is to their lives. One can only imagine if such an EMP attack took out electrical power over much of the USA during the winter months.  The report warned that “terrorists or enemy states could wage” this kind of an attack. The “enemy states” would most likely be Russia, China or Iran. A blog many months ago at this website also warned about this risk to the USA, but it is good to see a Federal Commission openly warning about this very real danger. Such an EMP attack could be caused by a missile with a nuclear warhead being launched from a ship off the US coast that would detonate over the American landmass.

The second link reports that the FERC is also warning that the American electric grids are vulnerable to a cyberattack by America’s enemies. This kind of an attack would be launched from hostile computers and could shut down our electric grid without any missile attack or any EMP blast. The third link, from the Wall Street Journal, warns that Russian and Chinese hackers have been mapping the US electrical grids to enable their nations to shut down the US electrical grid in a future cyberattack. This is entirely consistent with the prophecy in Ezekiel 38-39 that Russia and China will launch an open, all-out military attack against the USA and its allies during the end of our age. Mapping our electrical grids to shut them down would be an entirely logical preliminary step in the Russian-Chinese invasion plans.

This kind of an attack could come suddenly and without warning. Again, it would do the greatest damage if such an attack occurred in the winter, when tens of millions of Americans would suddenly lack heat in freezing temperatures. Ask yourself this question: If the electric power went down in the middle of the night and stayed down for weeks, what is your back-up plan to stay alive in winter? If you have no back-up plan at all, your life is at risk if such an attack happens in the winter. You better make some preparations soon as this danger is very real.

If you have not done so, you could start by reading my new article entitled “Should Christians Prepare for Future Hard Times,” available at the home page of this website. It will give you some practical, common sense preparations to consider.,1217,a%253D231937,00.asp