These links reveal that the US Federal Reserve Board and other central banks around the world own “close to half of all [the] stock markets.” The title of this post is the title of the first link. Please re-read the first sentence and let it sink in to grasp the meaning of this shocking revelation. I think most citizen-investors around the world assumed that all stocks were owned by private investors, sovereign investment funds, pension funds, mutual funds, etc. Not true! The first three links reveal that vast amounts of stock equities are owned by the US Federal Reserve Board and other central banks! The Fed and the central banks have surely been buying these stock funds with fantasy money, money created by the central banks “out of thin air.” If a private investor tried to do that, it would be called “counterfeiting.”

As the first link observes: “This has led to an artificially high stock market, and an over-analysis of the real value of tradable equities (emphasis added).” The first link also warns about the “market manipulation” that is now possible due to vast amounts of stocks being owned by the central banks, not by “real” investors. Indeed, it asks the succinct question: “Are there any markets at all that are not manipulated bubbles…?” My own opinion is that there are no truly independent markets anywhere any longer. The second link and third link offer different, but supportive, perspectives on this matter of grave importance for global financial markets of all kinds. Obviously, if the Fed and other central banks hadn’t bought massive amounts of stocks with what is essentially “funny money”‘ created out of thin air, the stock valuations in all global markets would be way lower than they are today.

I didn’t know central banks were allowed to own stocks at all. Did you? I wonder if Congress even knows?

The fourth link describes “dark trading pools” of capital that are controlled secretively by the big players on Wall Street and other global markets. As you read the fourth link, ask yourself again the first link’s question: “Are there any markets at all that are not manipulated bubbles?”

If central banks own such vast tracts of stocks, it allows for the possibility of them creating a financial crisis at a time of their choosing by selling massive amounts of their stock holdings in a coordinated global fashion. This could cause a stock market crash that no one would have seen coming. Revelation 17-18’s prophecy about the collapse of the global financial markets in the latter days leaves one with the impression that investors and average merchants are shocked by the sudden collapse of the global markets. Previous posts at this website have discussed various possible “triggers” for the fulfillment of this prophecy. Now we have another possible “trigger” for that prophecy being fulfilled. The Fed and central banks could deliberately cause a financial meltdown in stock markets by coordinated selling of their equity holdings. Why would they do that? To gain control of the world’s corporations by buying them up with fantasy money when their valuations are at very low levels would be one explanation. It may also be arranged by a shadowy group of insiders who want to dump the current monetary/financial system so they can bring in a new global financial and monetary system that allows for them to control the world’s monetary transactions and, thereby, control all people. That is exactly what Revelation 17-18 and Revelation 13:16-18 prophecy will happen. The “seven heads and ten horns” are prophesied to deliberately take down the current financial and monetary system to impose a new one of their own making on the world. We may be drawing close to such an event happening. As these links reveal, the means to do it already exist.

Ask yourself another question: Did the establishment media bother to tell you anything about the very important information in these links?