No doubt, readers are aware that the US Federal Reserve Board has made an announcement (first link) that it is continuing its $85 billion/month emergency program to buy up Federal Treasury and Federal agency debt each month for an indefinite period of time. This surprised mostly everyone as the Fed had been dropping hints that it would reduce this emergency bond-buying program in a gradual manner because some articles gave the impression the US economy was improving. The markets greeted the Fed’s action with enthusiasm and many markets rose dramatically. Does this mean the US economy is getting better? No, it means the exact opposite, in my opinion. What follows is what I believe to be the truth, and it is far different than what we, the masses, are spoon-fed in the reports we read from the financial press as they act as cheerleaders for the establishment system called Babylon the Great in Revelation 17-18. The Fed admits that it is creating $85,000,000,000 a month in fantasy money to buy up US debt that has no other buyers. However, since the US Congress has never forensically audited the Fed, who knows how much they are really creating?
I’m no financial analyst, but here is my layman’s opinion on the subject—which I think is accurate. The Fed action tacitly admits that the US economy is in such dire and desperate straits that a monthly infusion of incredibly massive amounts of fantasy money (i.e. money that is “loaned into existence”) from the Fed is necessary to keep the US economy, the banking system and the Federal government’s entire funding structures from collapsing. The USA Today on 9-19-2013 featured in its print version an article by Paul Davidson entitled “Fed keeps money taps flowing” (second link). It’s opening sentence stated: “The Federal Reserve has concluded the [US] economy is still too wobbly to stand on its own.” That is the truth. The Fed is essentially acting like a doctor in an ICU Unit of a hospital and that doctor is endlessly pumping new transfusions of blood (new fantasy money) into its patient (the US economy, the Big Banks and the federal budget) to keep the patient alive. However, the patient is metaphorically “bleeding out” due to its continually hemorrhaging a life-threatening amount of debt because of vast overspending by the federal government. Obama and the Congress are like two other doctors who refuse to stop the patient’s bleeding (the vast overspending) so the Fed has no choice but to keep creating more fantasy money to infuse into the patient (the US economy) to keep it from dying. The US citizens are not being told this truth, but I think the rest of the world generally already understands this. That is why the rest of the world (and even US investors) are not buying US Treasuries or Federal Agency debt any longer. It is the massive shortage of buyers for US Treasuries and Federal Agency debt that is requiring the Fed to be a “buyer of last resort” for the flood of unwanted US debt instruments.
Did you hear the media report that the US unemployment rate has gone down again? What a joke! Some reports added the fact that the rate was a statistical glitch because the statisticians who compiled the unemployment rate decided to make a great reduction in the number of “discouraged workers” who, according to the bizarre calculations of the US government, no longer exist in the job market and therefore are dropped from the calculations. The US unemployment rate is based on a massive lie: That millions of unemployed workers don’t exist or don’t want to work. The truth is that millions of unemployed Americans want jobs that simply don’t exist because the governing public and private elites have cooperated in a self-serving scam to deindustrialize the USA and send living-wage jobs overseas.
To see what the real rates in critical economic data are in the modern US economy, refer to the third link. It is from the respected website and you can click on each chart to get a clear view of their data. Their report shows the real US unemployment rate is about 23-24%. Let that sink in for a moment.
Then read the information in the fourth link which asserts that all markets are being manipulated by the insiders who constitute the corrupt leaders identified in Revelation 18:3 as the leading governmental and corporate officials of the latter-day Babylon the Great global economic system which is utterly doomed by the Almighty Creator Elohim (who created and still rule this Universe) to experience a colossal global collapse in the latter days just before the final “beast” system comes into existence (Revelation 17) for a final paroxysm of deceitful human and evil spiritual rulership for 42 months (Revelation 13:1-5) before Jesus Christ returns with his army of saints and angels to crush the beast system and rule for 1000 years in a utopian system on earth (Revelation 19:21-20:4). You can decide for yourself whether you believe the information in the fourth link. I will say that it very aptly depicts what Revelation 17-18 prophesy for the latter day Babylon the Great system. The financial press and governmental leaders told us the global financial system almost collapsed in 2008. Sounds like we are living on borrowed time…as the Fed keeps pumping $85,000,000,000 every month into the US economy and banking system to keep it alive. Feeling secure?
You have likely heard that we are in a “jobless recovery.” What an oxymoron! Consider the information in the fifth link that reports that 13.6% of all Americans are now on food assistance! Does this sound like a recovery to you? Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Please look at the political cartoon in the sixth link and notice who it accurately indicates is benefiting from the creation of fantasy money from the Fed each month. It is not you and me or Main Street.
Allow me to finish this post with some informed speculation…that has ominous implications. We have all read many reports from many media outlets that the NSA of the USA has been spying for many years on virtually everyone in every form of electronic media that it can access and monitor. I believe every computer and software program has “back-doors” pre-installed on them for the NSA to spy on anything its wants to monitor. I’ll bet the NSA has spied on and amassed all the electronic communications that were ever exchanged externally or internally among the officers and employees of the US Federal Reserve Board, all leading politicians, the US Treasury Department, the COMEX, the CFTC, the Big Banks and all large Wall Street players, etc. Let’s assume that Edward Snowden, who apparently had unimpeded access to all the NSA’s electronic data files and downloaded all of them, brought those data files with him on portable memory devices first to China and then to Russia, where he is now in some kind of “protective custody” or “asylum.”
If these above assumptions are true, it means that everything Edward Snowden downloaded from the NSA’s ultra-secret electronic data files from the above-named government agencies, Big Banks and multinational corporations, etc. is now being reviewed with a fine-toothed comb by the intelligence agencies of China and Russia. That secret information is, no doubt, being shared behind closed doors by Russia and China with intelligence and government agencies in such nations as, perhaps, Brazil, Japan, India, Germany, the EU and many other nations. If so, that information will likely make many very powerful people all over the world very, very angry at the US Federal Reserve Bank, the Obama administration, Wall Street, the Big Banks all over the world, etc. If so, this could hasten the downfall of the current US dollar-based global system called Babylon the Great in Revelation 17-18 as the entire world seeks vengeance on the inner circle of Babylon the Great’s corrupt global game. I don’t set dates, but this prophesied collapse will come precisely when God decides the time has come for it to occur on his prophetic timetable. Maybe the NSA’s amassed insider information that Edward Snowden brought to Russia and China was the first domino to fall in a long series of dominoes to follow as events unfold.
The growing international anger at Obama and the USA is already apparent. Obama wanted a military conflict in Syria and the global community of nations, led by Russia, told him “Nyet.” Not even the UK would support Obama’s desired military strike. The leader of Brazil just cancelled a state visit to Washington, DC, due to her anger over the NSA’s spying on her nation (see seventh link). I wonder how many other nations share that anger. As Snowden’s revelations spread, I’ll bet a rage is growing among many nations against Obama, his NSA, the Fed, etc. 
The foundations of Babylon the Great are cracking.