My previous post was on the lengthy side, but this one will be short and to the point. My previous post warned that, given the Hamas-Israeli war in the Mideast and the numbers of Chinese, Iranians, etc. coming across America’s unguarded southern border, the danger of mass terrorism inside the USA is growing. The greatest danger is that if the war widens in the Mideast, Iran will give the green light to sleeper-squads of Iranian, Hezbollah and Hamas terrorists inside our borders to launch attacks on American citizens and unguarded infrastructures inside the USA. Such terrorism could take many forms: mass shootings at malls, schools and businesses, attacks on electric stations and transmission lines, blowing up natural gas pipelines, putting fentanyl and other poisons in municipal water supplies, etc.

That warning just took on considerable new credibility. The first link and second link report the FBI is warning Americans about the dangers of such terrorist attacks in our nation, given what is happening between Hamas and Israel and in the greater Mideast. Americans are uniquely vulnerable to such attacks as we think our neighboring oceans will protect us from anything and that “it can’t happen here.” While the second link includes a warning about “lone actors,” I think the primary danger is from organized attacks by well-equipped sleeper cells of terrorists who have been supplied with sophisticated weapons by Iran.

There is another possibility of this terrorist threat growing exponentially larger. There is a proposal for the USA to take in and shelter many Palestinian refugees (third link). This is one of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard. The USA would be crazy to even consider taking in a population that has long supported terrorism. 

The FBI warning should be taken seriously. If the USA and Iran get into a direct conflict, the possibility of terrorism breaking out in the USA from activated sleeper-cells will grow more likely. If such attacks do occur, it will be a good idea to “shelter in place” until the danger has passed. You should now be finalizing your plans for the protection of you and your loved ones. The Mideast tensions are rising rapidly, and you may run out of time to prepare if you wait any longer. Please review the suggestions in my article, Should Christians Prepare for Future Hard Times?, available at the “Articles” tab at my website,  It suggests common-sense preparations to make, and it also includes a link to a list of essentials every family should stock up on. This very useful list, prepared by FEMA, has mostly natural disasters in mind (hurricanes, ice-storms, floods, blizzards, etc.), but the list is exactly the same as you would use to prepare if terrorist attacks require you to “shelter in place” for a time. The FEMA list is designed for a three-day, shelter-in-place emergency, which is typical for many natural disasters. However, if a domestic terrorism war, launched by Hezbollah, Iran and Hamas sympathizers, occurs in the USA, you will likely need your supplies to last considerably longer than three days.

While we hope for the best, it is wise to make reasonable preparations if the worst should happen. It is good the FBI issued this warning.