Last night, I was watching CBS News and saw a story which was well worth passing on to readers of this blog. The story (see first link) reported that the FBI was “pulling out all the stops” to prepare its nationwide field offices for future Iranian terrorist actions against US citizens on the USA’s home soil. The FBI held a “classified” nationwide videoconference involving its 56 field offices to prepare its agents to watch for signs of attacks by Iranian agents or surrogate Iranian groups like Hezbollah on US targets. The report cites “government buildings, Israeli consulates in major cities and prominent Jewish organizations” as likely targets. I’m sure all viewers can think of other likely targets as well. The report adds the FBI has adopted a “leave no stone unturned” approach in preparing for such Iranian attacks.

The CBS report cites the assassinations and attempted assassinations between Iranian and Israeli targets as well as the FBI’s very commendable thwarting of an Iranian assassination attempt of the Saudi ambassador to the USA as reasons for the FBI’s heightened concerns. Another obvious reason for such concern is the actions that could be triggered by the outbreak of an Israeli-Iranian war in the Persian Gulf region if Israel is forced to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities to preserve its own survival. The link also cites the cooperation of Iranian agents with Mexican drug cartels as another reason for concern. Obviously, the drug cartels smuggle large amounts of illegal drugs and their own operatives into the USA so they have the means and methods to smuggle Iranian and Hezbollah agents into the USA to place them in positions where they can strike US targets and citizens as soon as Iran gives them the green light. Personally, I suspect any such sleeper cells do not need any “green light” from Iran to go into action against US targets. I suspect that as soon as these sleeper agents placed inside the USA (or other western nations) hear media reports of an Israeli and/or American attack vs. Iranian nuclear facilities, they are preprogrammed to go into action immediately.

It is possible that the CBS report was aired yesterday to give an initial “heads up” to Americans that such attacks may be coming soon. There are many media reports that Israel is considering an attack vs. Iran sooner rather than later, and it is unlikely that any such attack will stay contained into just an Israeli-Iranian war. It is more likely that other nations will be drawn into the fight rather quickly as Iran might immediately retaliate by (A) launching cruise missiles at US naval vessels and oil tankers in the Persian Gulf in an effort to close the Straits of Hormuz, (B) launching other missiles at Saudi oil facilities and Israeli cities, and (C) by having Hezbollah launch tens of thousands of missiles at Israeli targets from Hezbollah bases in southern Lebanon. It could get very ugly very quickly if such a war breaks out. The fear of such an imminent war is sometimes cited by the talking heads on financial news channels as one reason why oil prices are now heading upward.

In a related story, the second link reports that Russia is urging Israel not to attack Iran (Russia’s ally). However, Russia may be doing this for public appearances only. The fact is that as a primary energy-producing nation, Russia would benefit immensely from any Persian Gulf war which damaged oil supply facilities. The more damaging and widespread the war became, the more Russia would benefit as it would receive vastly more revenues for its energy exports.

Keep your eyes on the Mideast situation. The war fever is growing, and if war breaks out, it will affect all Americans–whether they are ready or not.,7340,L-4193517,00.html