Steven Collins
April 29, 2007
Readers of this blog know the author believes that we are living in the “latter days” and that Ezekiel 38’s “latter day” prophecy foretold that Russia, China and Iran will lead an alliance of nations in an attack against the USA, NATO and their allies in the years ahead of us. I urge visitors to this website to read the link provided below and pass it on to all who care about biblical prophecy and the future.
The attached link is entitled “One Clenched Fist” by J.R. Nyquist. He has done an excellent job of gleaning this information from Russian media sources, the true ramifications of which have not been reported in the American media, to my knowledge.
Nyquist writes that Vladimir Putin’s Russia is “suspending Russia’s commitment to follow the Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty(CFE). This means that Russia can move tank and motorized infantry divisions to NATO’s doorstep.” Russia has already been increasingly assertive in using its status as an energy/natural gas supplier to Western Europe to intimidate the EU nations. Russia can “cut off the tap” of Western Europe’s energy supplies whenever it wants to do so. By also suspending the CFE, Russia is now overtly bringing military pressure to bear on America’s European allies as well. This is, no doubt, a Russian response to President Bush’s proposal to place anti-ballistic missiles systems in Eastern Europe (at Russia’s doorstep).
Even more alarming is Nyquist’s report that “Russian radio news broadcasters have been ordered [to state]…that the United States is–from now on–to be described as Russia’s enemy.” [Emphasis added.] Have you seen this vital information on any American media report? I haven’t, but it is extremely critical to the world Americans will experience in future years. Nyquist continues: “President Putin’s intentions are clear. The Cold War is to be renewed.” He further argues that Russia is now openly renewing its Cold War stance as a result of a deliberate plan to do so after feigning weakness for years to lull the West into a false sense of security. I agree with Nyquist. So does biblical prophecy. Ezekiel 38 prophesies that Russia will lead an attack of many nations against the nations of the Western world at the climax of this age just prior to the return of Jesus Christ. The new information in this link indicate that world events are accelerating toward that inevitable fulfillment.
Nyquist’s report also states China alone now has over 140 army divisions at its disposal, and it compares this massive force to a mere 10 Army divisions available to the USA (European forces are even weaker than American forces). The “End of the Cold War” lulled the West into a massive disarmament program which now leaves it in a greatly weakened military position vis a vis the Russians and Chinese. Numerous reports warn that the USA’s shrunken ground forces are already all but “broken” through overdeployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. The USA and Europe are in a very weak geopolitical position. If it was not for the USA’ s nuclear deterrent, the Russian-Chinese-Iranian attack could come soon. The USA and the West badly need to rebuild their militaries, but so far their is no evidence that reality has registered on the leaders of the Western world.
Making the situation far worse is the fact that the West has very likely committed one of the greatest blunders in world history: moving much of the West’s industrial production facilities to China and allowing China to be the USA’s creditor These factors will make it far harder for the West to manufacture more weaponry even if it does wake up to the danger posed by the Russian-Chinese alliance against America and the West. It also makes it far easier for China to coerce and blackmail the West. The link below provides examples that the West’s leaders are still in a state of denial re: the blatantly hostile intentions of the Russians and Chinese. The multinational corporations (prophetically called “Babylon the Great’s “merchants of the earth” in Revelation 18:3) had planned for a union of corporate-political power in the Western world dominating the globe through trade and economic ties. They assumed the Chinese would be happy to become a mass of low-paid coolies to furnish cheap goods to the Western corporations to sell to the world markets (Revelation 18:11-14). However, Russia and China were duping the corporate barons of the West the entire time, and self-deceiving “happy talk” by the West’s leaders will not change the grim reality that is taking shape. Ezekiel 38 and Revelation 18 combine to prophesy that Babylon the Great’s plan will collapse at the end of our age when Russia, China, Iran and their allies attack the nations of the Western world. Russia and China intend to conquer the West and seize the global assets of all the multinational corporations. The Western world and its global corporations have fallen into Russia’s and China’s trap.