June 25, 2009
Steve Collins
The link below was sent by reader Winston from Florida. It is a short link, but has an astounding revelation about the sensitivity of the human eye. It states that “The range of the eye’s sensitivity is also a million times greater than our modern photographic film (Emphasis added).”  Consider this statement. The human eye is a million more time sensitive than camera film, so the human eye is a vastly greater example of intelligent engineering than modern camera film. Yet would anyone assert that modern camera film just spontaneously “evolved” in a lab somewhere without any human design or engineering work? Anyone who asserted such a thing would be regarded as raving fool. Yet the world looks at the human eye, an instrument vastly more complex than camera film, and blithely dismisses it as something “which evolved” by accident. What nonsense! This just one aspect of the human eye. The complex design of the retina, the lens, etc. aren’t even discussed in this link.
The eye is just one small part of the human body. There are miracles in every bodily system. How did the stomach come into existence with the ability to use acid to digest food but not itself? How did the brain come into existence with the extremely complex but efficient design to store memories and transmit signals to the body via the nervous system? How did the inner ear come into existence with a sophisticated mechanism for maintaining balance in the body? How did the heart come into existence with the ability to pump blood for many decades without tiring while all other muscles in the body can tire? There are so many examples that one could list which disprove any possibility of evolution, but the capstone is that ALL these complex human systems had to come into existence at the same time and in the same place for any human life to exist. That is simple logic! However, even that simple logic is far beyond the grasp of evolution’s advocates. The only logical explanation is that a Creator God designed every aspect of the human body and brought it into existence at one single time. Genesis 1:27 and 2:7 are the only explanations that make sense. That brings us to the subject of gender.
Genesis 1 records that each day during Creation Week that God made animals, fish, birds, insects, etc., he made them to reproduce after their own kind. He made males and females in each Genesis “kind” for this to happen. God did the same thing with mankind–he made a male and female human being (Genesis 1:27) so mankind could also reproduce. Does evolution have any explanation for the existence of gender? No. If each species evolved, here is what had to happen. A male and a female of each species had to accidentally evolve themselves into existence as functioning beings, but each gender had to accidentally evolve a different reproductive system which was perfectly designed to interact with the opposite gender of that species without any prior contact with its counterpart. There is more craziness to evolutionary theory. A male and a female of each species had to come into existence at exactly the same spot on earth or they would never reproduce because they would never meet to be able to reproduce. Furthermore, they would have to come into existence at exactly the same time during the last several billion years of the earth’s existence. The odds of this happening for a single species would likely fill a set of books the size of an encyclopedia with zeros in terms of the laws of probability. The chances that this would accidentally happen for all the myriads of species on earth would likely fill the earth with books filled with zeros against this ever happening according to the laws of scientific probability. Indeed, the older the earth is according to scientific estimates, the more unthinkably impossible are the odds against evolution. That is because the odds of a even a single species ever coming into existence (due to a male and female of a same species having to evolve into existence at the same time by accident) increase exponentially the older the earth is!
Evolution is laughably foolish. David rightly wrote in Psalm 14:1: “The fool has said in his heart, there is no God.” There is no question that many evolutionary teachers are highly educated people. If David were resurrected today, I think he’d observe that there sure are a lot of “highly educated” fools in the modern world.