This post is a fitting follow-up to the previous post which described the pending comprehensive governmental spying on all electronic communications in the UK. The article in the link, from, indicates that the same thing is planned (or is already happening) in the USA. It details the information about the NSA’s new “secret” and massive spying center in Utah, and the efforts by the NSA to, it would seem, spy on and collect all electronic information that exists.
This article even offers a rather-detailed map of the new NSA spying facility, and the information presented in the article is nothing short of amazing. A portion of the article relates the revelations of an internal NSA whistleblower, William Binney, about the NSA’s wanton disregard for any Constitutional restraints on the agency’s activities. Mr. Binney was a former Senior NSA Crypto-Mathematician, so he had a responsible enough position to know a great deal about the NSA’s internal plans and operations.
Mr. Binney paints a picture of an agency that is utterly out-of-control, and pays no attention to the US Constitution, Congress or even the US judiciary when it comes to invading the privacy of all Americans. Mr. Binney left the NSA due to his concerns that the NSA was embarking on unconstitutional domestic spying on all Americans as far back as 2001. The article notes that while the NSA has a legitimate role in spying on foreign nations to safeguard the interests of the USA, it has located its ultrasecret spying facilities at electronic internet nexus points inside the USA where the only realistic goal is to perform all-invasive spying on domestic electronic communications within the USA. The amount of domestic spying, according to this article, is truly staggering. Quite troubling is the lack of any meaningful supervision of the NSA by any of the three branches of the US federal government. What is President Obama doing to stop this domestic, warrantless spying and collection of all electronic data generated by Americans? Apparently nothing. What is the US Congress doing to stop it? Apparently nothing. What is the US Supreme Court (or the lower federal courts) doing to stop it? Apparently nothing. Does the NSA obtain necessary search warrants to snoop on Americans or retain and store their electronic data? The answer, if the information in this article is correct, is obviously “no.”
The article has a very interesting discussion of the competition going on to build the world’s fastest and most powerful computer, with the three main competitors being the USA, China and Japan. It will amaze you how powerful computing speed and capacity has become. It is, indeed, beyond human comprehension. The article also asserts that besides the acknowledged supercomputer being built by the USA (at a top-secret and secure facility) there is another even more powerful (and unacknowledged) supercomputer being built by the NSA whose role is to crack all the algorithmically-encrypted communications of all nations, corporations and individuals. If the NSA succeeds in this project, the only truly secure means of communication between nations, corporations and individuals may be face-to-face conversations, communications typed on manual typewriters or computers with no modem connections to any other computer or via passenger pigeon.
I think no one would argue that the NSA has a very legitimate role in monitoring foreign communications of all kinds and trying to break the encrypted codes of any kind of electronic communications by real or potential US adversaries. The article’s discussion of how the agency is attempting to do this is both technical and enlightening. One observation I’d make on the article’s revelations is that it indicates to me that the USA’s ability to wage cyberwarfare is likely far higher than the USA admits.
This article is well-worth reading. After reading it, you will ask yourself the questions: “What does the NSA know about me?” and “How much of my electronic communications, travel itineraries, etc. is the NSA monitoring and storing in its vast data base?” The answers to both questions is apparently “everything.”
As in my previous post, the information in this article confirms that the prophecy of Revelation 13:16-18 about the ability of a future “beast system” to implement pervasive, global monitoring and control of all economic/monetary transactions is well on its way to fulfillment. It also indicates that a prophecy in Daniel 12:4, that the latter days of our age would include a vast increase in the amount of knowledge possessed by mankind, is also coming true on a grand scale. The “knowledge explosion” now occurring in the world has reached epic proportions and it was prophesied in the Bible approximately 2500 years ago. As I’ve noted in other posts, the Daniel 12:4 prophecy foretells a vast multiplication of knowledge in the latter days, not a simple increase in it. The Hebrew word translated “increased” in Daniel 12:4 comes from the same Hebrew word in Genesis 7:17 which describes how the waters “increased” on the earth during the deluge of Noah’s time. In other words, an increase beyond comprehension or measurement.
This has both sobering and interesting ramifications. Jesus Christ foretold in Matthew 24:37 that the latter day civilization on earth immediately prior to his Second Coming would mirror Noah’s pre-Flood world. This affirms that the pre-Flood civilization of Noah’s time was also a very high-tech society like our own. Indeed, since the pre-Flood world had one common world language and people lived 900 years or more, knowledge could proliferate far faster in the pre-Flood society than our own time so our current age has, in my opinion, not yet caught up with the knowledge or technology levels of the pre-Flood world. Soon after the Flood, mankind still possessed the pre-Flood language, knowledge, etc. and was so rapidly rebuilding the high-tech, pre-Flood society that within a few generations, mankind had reached a level where even God noted that mankind had reached a tipping point in its fund of knowledge that “nothing they imagined to do will be restrained from them.” Jasher 4:18 further confirms that the pre-Flood world had attained very high levels of technological development as it mentions mankind had figured out how to mix the species together. This would only be possible with electricity, electron microscopes, a high-tech means of mapping, understanding and manipulating each species’  DNA genetic codes, etc. So whenever one encounters evidence of extraordinarily high-tech artifacts in the earth’s ancient strata, it does not require “outer-space aliens” coming to earth to interact with ancient mankind’s ancestors to “give” this technology to grunting Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon mankind. It confirms that any such examples of very ancient high-tech artifacts can easily be explained by the fact that pre-Flood mankind and the first few generations of mankind after the Deluge possessed almost unlimited levels of knowledge and high-tech skills.
Since it was God’s will that only the latter-day civilization would ever again possess the same pre-Flood technological capacities (Matthew 24:37), God intervened at the tower of Babel project to confuse the languages so no one could read, speak or comprehend the pre-Flood language or knowledge. This put mankind in the stone age as all nations were suddenly illiterate with no written language to express its new God-given language. This created a situation where every nation had to invent its own new written system for its new language, resulting in the wide variety of alphabets, pictographs and symbols to express each nation’s language that we have today. The very real situation where ancient mankind once had no written languages and invented them has deceived modern experts who think this fact justifies evolutionary theories. Not at all! It entirely confirms the Bible’s account of what happened soon after the Flood.
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