It is no secret that US President Obama can’t stand Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Obama’s distaste for Netanyahu seems almost visceral. It has been public knowledge since years ago when Obama was caught on an open mike mocking and expressing disgust toward Netanyahu in a conversation with a former French leader. Not long ago I did a post on the Israeli Defense Minister being snubbed by high officials in the Obama administration during his visit to Washington, DC. Thankfully, the US Congress feels very pro-Israeli and pro-Netanyahu as the US GOP-led Congress has invited Israeli Prime Minister to speak to the US Congress…an honor granted to few world leaders. This must really grate on Obama and his administration’s underlings. However, now that the Israelis are having an election soon, Obama has reportedly seen an opportunity to meddle in Israeli domestic politics by sending teams of his ex-staffers to Israel to try and unseat Netanyahu.

The first link reports that Obama has sent large numbers of his former campaign staffers to Israel to help Netanyahu’s rivals in the election. The second link includes the names of some important and prominent US agencies and entities that are named as backers of Obama’s effort. For those who desire more perspectives on this story, I have included the third link from a web search to give you a menu of links to read about this effort by Obama to meddle in a foreign nation’s election. Obama’s brazen efforts to meddle in the Israeli elections may backfire on him. I won’t predict any outcomes in the Israeli elections, but Obama’s efforts to meddle in Israeli politics, now that they have been exposed, may actually move more Israelis to vote for Netanyahu.

I hope the establishment media will report on this very important international skullduggery, but I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for them to do so. In the meantime, readers of this blog will know about Obama’s meddling in Israeli politics by perusing these links. This speaks volumes on what an enemy Obama is to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and how upset Obama is with Netanyahu’s willingness to put Israeli national security interests ahead of Obama’s wishes about what he wants the Israelis to do. Obama doubtless wants an Israeli Prime Minister who will be compliant with Obama’s worldviews and who will subordinate Israel’s security interests to Obama’s plans for the Mideast.