A former Israeli Mossad chief made a remarkable statement recently. Former Mossad Chief, Yossi Cohen, declared to an audience that the Israeli Mossad (its premier spy agency) has struck at Iran’s nuclear facilities “countless” times (first link), and that the Israeli strikes have included sites inside Iran itself. Mr. Cohen also stated that Iran is lying in any statement which declares Iran’s nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. The link states that the Mossad is “committed to preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.” Because Iran has stated openly its intention to wipe Israel off the map, the Mossad’s mission is critical to the Israeli nation’s survival. While not stated in the link, it is implied that if the Mossad cannot prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) will have to do it more openly in military strikes. It is the Mossad’s ability to so far successfully prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear warheads that has prevented a large-scale war in the Mideast. If Iran ever was on the cusp of developing nuclear weapons, wartime strikes to prevent it would almost certainly occur.

We can only guess at how many times the Mossad has hindered or damaged facilities, software, etc. in an effort to prevent any Iranian nukes from coming into being. That a former Mossad Chief states that there have been “countless” such strikes argues that the number would be higher than we would estimate. That the Mossad has had to be very active in strikes at Iran’s nuclear facilities is also a testament to how vigorously Iran is seeking to develop nukes. It appears that Iran has several autonomous efforts going to develop nuclear warheads, and Israel has had to identify and strike at each autonomous nuclear effort.

Iranian President Raisi also recently made a revealing statement. He declared that Iran demands that UN inspectors not be allowed to investigate Iran’s “undeclared nuclear sites (second link).” That is most revealing. Iran is supposed to declare all its nuclear sites to the UN’s watchdog nuclear inspector agency so UN inspectors can determine if Iran’s nuclear sites are trying to develop nuclear weapons. President Raisi’s statement admits that Iran has “undeclared” nuclear facilities. The only reason Iran would have “undeclared” (i.e. hidden) nuclear sites is to make sure the UN inspectors never see what is going on in those “undeclared” sites. Undoubtedly, it is at those hidden sites that Iran’s most advanced nuclear programs are located. The UN may not be allowed to inspect them, but I’ll bet the Mossad knows where they are.

Iran’s determination to destroy Israel is manifesting in far more ways than its nuclear programs. Iran has taken over all or much of several Islamic nations and is the guiding force behind preparations by Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza strip to attack Israel with numerous waves of missiles and rockets whenever Iran gives them the green light to do so. The third link outlines how Iran is threatening Arab Sunni nations with destruction if they cooperate with the USA (or Israel) in attacking Iran. The link states that Iran’s mullahs expect the Biden administration to “capitulate” to Iran’s demands in the effort to create a new “agreement” between Iran and several Western nations re: Iran’s nuclear program. The fourth link relates the evidence that Iran is accelerating its nuclear program to produce nuclear weapons regardless of what blandishments it offers to the rest of the world about its intentions.

Israel vehemently opposes this new “agreement” and warns it gives a path to run to develop nuclear weapons. It is vital to point out that neither Israel nor the Sunni Arab nations are in any way bound or restrained by whatever nuclear agreement may be signed between the Biden administration and Iran and other Western nations. Israel is free to take any military actions it deems necessary to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons or attacking the nation of Israel. It is also obvious that any such agreement between the Biden administration and Iran is a “treaty” which must be approved by the US Senate. The approval of such an agreement by the Senate is by no means a certainty–especially in an election year.

There is another recent event which shows the contempt which Iran has toward President Biden and the USA under Biden’s leadership. Iran recently attempted to steal an unmanned surface ship of some kind which belonged to the US Navy (fifth link). This incident reportedly occurred in the Persian Gulf, but, thankfully, the US Navy intervened and prevented the Iranian effort from being successful. If it had been successful, any US technology in that unmanned vessel would have surely been shared with Russia and China. It shows that Iran holds President Biden in complete contempt that they would attempt such a brazen heist on the open sea. Biden’s utter weakness in ordering US troops to flee from Afghanistan in a panicky fashion gives Iran every reason to expect the Biden administration to do nothing whenever Iran provokes the USA. By the way, what did the Biden administration do about this Iranian effort to steal a US surface vessel and its US technology? I think the answer is “nothing.”

The world assumes that the situation in the Mideast is under control so that war won’t happen. That assumption is false. Indeed, it may be the signing of a nuclear agreement between the USA and Iran which finally forces Israel to openly attack Iran’s entire range of nuclear facilities. Such an attack could include attacks by Israeli ballistic and cruise missiles as well as attacks by warplanes and agents inside Iran.

Will Iran ever be successful at wiping Israel off the map? Biblical prophecy tells us that Iran will fail in its goal. Zechariah 12:1-9 states that the Creator God himself will protect the Israelis (called “Judah” in biblical prophecy), and that he will destroy the nations which seek to destroy the Jewish state. Zechariah 14 foretells that major battles will be raging on Israeli soil in the very end of the latter days of our age, but that the Israeli nation will prevail. Jerusalem itself is mentioned as a battle zone in Zechariah 14:2 and Revelation 16:16 mentions this time as well. That prophecy identifies Har Megiddo (the hill of Megiddo) as a site of a climactic World War III battle in the Mideast theater of combat. Remember the famous scenes in the Raiders of the Lost Ark series of movies where the villains would have the flesh and eyeballs melt off their bodies as an act of Divine execution? Zechariah 14:12 states that that very method will be used to execute the enemies of Judah in the end-stages of World War III. That could easily indicate Divine action will kill the Israelis’ enemies, but it could also mean (since God sometimes fulfills his Word or prophecies through human means) that Israeli nukes will vaporize the enemies who have invaded or who are attacking the Israeli nation.

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