There can be no greater or more important question to mankind’s existence and purpose than: Is there a Creator God or did mankind (and every other life form) evolve on earth without any outside intelligent design? Those teaching the dogma of evolution have so permeated modern schools and culture with evolutionary teachings that most simply assume that evolution must be the correct answer. However, the only reason that evolution even survives as an alternative is that true biblical creationism is simply not taught in schools or allowed a hearing in the mainstream media and modern culture. Indeed, many professing Christians have not actually read the case for biblical, scientific creationism. A thorough examination of the Bible’s creation account reveals that it is, in fact, the only scientific explanation for how life (in all its myriad forms) came to be present on this verdant earth.

This post is the first of a two-part series that exposes the fallacy of evolution and the factual, scientific basis for biblical creationism. My next post will be the second part of this short series. These two posts append the content of two of my previous posts on this topic. This first item offers a post which I wrote five years ago so many new readers likely have not have seen it. I believe that if this post’s content and its other referenced articles were widely-known and circulated, the theory of evolution wouldn’t stand a chance. Evolutionists think that the older the Universe can be shown to be, the weaker the case is for creationism. As you will see in the reproduced text below, the evolutionists couldn’t be more wrong. Indeed, the opposite is true. As you read the information below, you will see that the older the Universe is, the more ridiculously impossible the theory of evolution becomes. Also, the material below documents that the only possible explanation for the existence and continuance of any species is the reality that a breeding male and female of the same species must come into existence at the same time and in the same place on earth. This logical reality is found in Genesis chapter one.

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This title may draw the attention of readers, but it is very scientifically true that sex/gender differences in the myriads of species on this earth absolutely prove the existence of a Creator God.
Scientists assert that the earth (and the physical Universe) is billions of years old. They think that they are “disproving” the Bible in asserting this, but they are totally wrong. An article available for free at my homepage, Is the Earth 6000 Years Old? [Subtitle: When Lucifer Ruled the Earth], offers convincing biblical and physical evidence that the earth could be as old as the scientists assert as this earth was the “first estate” of Lucifer and his angels and “their own habitation” (Jude 6) before they foolishly left this earth (Isaiah 14:14) to attack God’s throne. Lucifer was created as a “perfect..anointed cherub” in his beginning (Ezekiel 28:14-15) and what God creates “perfect” took a long, long time (as we humans judge time) to go bad. When Lucifer became Satan and was hurled back to the earth with his angels (Luke 10:18), the verdant pre-Adamic world was destroyed. It was a mass extinction event, and science has confirmed that such events have happened in earth’s history. God eventually re-created physical life on earth and all current lifeforms on the earth’s surface were made during Genesis Week. Mankind was the pinnacle of Creation Week as mankind was made in the very image and likeness of God (the “Elohim” in Hebrew). Genesis 1:1-2 shows the earth and its oceans were already in existence, albeit in a devastated and darkened condition, before Creation Week began in Genesis 1:3. I urge you to read my aforementioned article to see how science and the Bible actually are in agreement on the possible age of the earth.
Evolution attempts to explain the origin of vast types of lifeforms on earth via an inexplicable process whereby they all came into existence by sheer accident or chance, even though this defies all the known laws of the Universe. Of course, if there is no God, as Darwinists postulated, then evolution emerged as the only possible explanation for life. However, you can easily prove that God exists by examining the creation itself, by seeing copious evidence that the God of the Bible has fulfilled many biblical prophecies given long ago for our modern times (see my article, Are We Living in the Latter Days?) etc. However, this post will focus on one singular proof of creation: the need for two sex/gender differences in every species of animal, bird, fish, amphibian, insect and even some plants to reproduce their species and keep it alive through each new generation. I don’t think scientists even know how many species exist on earth today. Given how many insects there are, there are doubtless some that have not yet been found in deep jungles or catalogued in scientific annals.
Keep this in mind: Every species needs a male and a female of that species to reproduce each new generation. Unless a living male and a living female of a species exists, that species dies out. That is scientific fact. Think passenger pigeons. They used to darken the skies of North America with millions of their kind. When they reached the point that there was no living male and female of that species, it died out. Now lets consider the real “origin of the species.” No species propagated by the union of a male and female could possibly come into existence unless there was a reproductively-mature male and female that came into existence (A) at the same time and (B) in the same location so they could mate and continue their species. Every species had to have an original male and female to start the first generation of offspring from their union. But that begs the obvious and scientifically-demanded question: Where did the original male and female of each species come from? They had to come into existence with a perfectly matched reproductive capacity to copulate and produce offspring already built into their bodies. Do you think their perfectly-matched reproductive organs and biological systems came into existence by dumb luck…for each of the incredibly numerous species on earth? How did a perfectly-matched but distinctly-different DNA-program come to exist in each original set of a male and female of each species? The incredible design and engineering work of each DNA-equipped original male and female of each species screams out for the necessity of an all-wise and all-powerful Creator Being who used DNA-programming to create males and females of each species with incalculable precision and skill! As David said in Psalm 139:14, we humans [and all creatures] are “fearfully and wonderfully made.”
When Charles Darwin developed the irrational and profoundly unscientific theory of evolution, he had no concept of how complex lifeforms really are with distinctive DNA-programming in each of their cells. Today’s scientists are without excuse. There is no reason to doubt the existence of a Creator Being who started all species with a male and female of each species, created “from scratch” not only with the DNA-codings in their bodies to pass on the genetic design of each species to their offspring, but also the reproductive organs and systems to actually produce offspring.
Do you realize that the older the earth is, the more impossible the odds are against evolution? Let’s start with a debatable assumption that the earth is 5 billion years old. For every species that now exists, a very first male and female had to come into existence somewhere in that 5 billion year period for the species to continue at all. However, what good would it do if a fully reproductive male of a species evolved 4 billion years ago and the first female evolved 2 billion years ago? They never would have had a chance to mate and the species could never have come into existence. After all, evolution asserts there was a time when no life existed on earth (the Bible says the opposite in Isaiah 45:18), so if evolution is true, a very first male and female had to independently take separate evolutionary developments and, miraculously, evolve so they came into existence at exactly the same time in the earth’s 5 billion year existence so they could mate. What do you think the odds are against that happening? The odds against that happening are probably so great that it would fill all the books ever written with zeros followed by the digit, one. However, evolution gets doubly impossible when you consider another factor.
The above illustration shows that it is statistically impossible for a fully-reproductive male and female of a species to come into existence by chance at precisely the same time in the earth’s 5 billion year existence. That looks at the issue vertically through time. Now lets consider the issue of location. Even if, against all impossible odds, a male and female of the same species, taking utterly independent evolutionary paths, came into existence at exactly the same time in the earth’s long lifespan, they would also have to come into existence at exactly the same place on earth in order to meet and mate (this doesn’t even consider the further miracle of how they developed pheromones or have a built-in attraction to each other). What if the male evolved into existence in Australia and the female evolved into existence in Finland (or similar distant geographical positions in ancient Pangaea)?  What are the odds against their evolving at exactly the same location on the earth’s surface so they could even meet and reproduce? Again, the odds are realistically zero against this happening. We are discussing the statistical impossibilities of a male and female of a single species ever coming into existence by evolutionary chance. It is statistically and practically impossible for a male and female of each species to independently evolve into existence at exactly the same time ( and in reproductive readiness) over a 5 billion year period of time and it is also statistically impossible for them to have evolved into existence at exactly the same location on the globe so they would even have a chance to come together to reproduce a new generation (this doesn’t even consider the additional impossibility of how they evolved into existence over eons without any member of the opposite sex to keep their evolutionary train of development going). So far, we have discussed the impossibility of just one species could coming into existence at all via evolutionary chance.
Now consider how impossible the odds are that all the myriads of species of lifeforms on the earth came into existence against utterly impossible odds at exactly the same time and in exactly the same place during the earth’s 5 billion year age. If anyone is clueless enough to believe that all species came into existence against such impossible odds, that person is ready to buy ocean-front property in Nebraska.
Evolution is sheer hogwash by any scientific or statistical probability analysis. The theory of evolution was prophesied by the Apostle Paul to come into existence as a means of deceiving mankind and driving them away from God’s perfect laws and way of life as revealed in the Holy Bible. In Romans 1:17-32, Paul prophesied that mankind would come to reject the existence of a Creator even though the “invisible things of him [God] from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse.” Paul adds that the advocates of evolution would profess themselves to be wise but would actually become fools as they “worshipped and served the creature[s] more than the Creator.” Paul accurately prophesied that evolution would focus on birds, four-footed beast and creeping things (which evolution does) instead of on the “incorruptible God” who painstakingly designed and made all the creatures on earth. Paul’s prophesy adds that homosexuality and lesbianism will rise as God-rejecting teachings increase, and, indeed, that has happened in the western world as evolutionary fables are taught throughout society. There is a perception that Christians are “down” on homosexuals. However, I Corinthians 6:9-11 relates that while homosexuality is just one more sin in a long list of sins which can be forgiven by God, evolution is totally unforgiving toward homosexuals. Since homosexual practices inherently cannot propagate a species, “natural selection” would regard it as a maladaptation for any species.
The only logical, practical, scientific explanation for the myriads of species on earth which are propagated by male-female unions is the biblical explanation in Genesis 1 which relates that God (the Elohim) created each “kind” of animal, fish, bird, etc. in a spontaneous creation which brought into being males and females of each species to fill the earth with life (Genesis 1:20-25). Each Genesis “kind” of life does not necessarily mean “species” in our scientific terminology.  For example, God created the canine and feline “kinds” in Genesis Week, but selective breeding over the millennia has produced all kinds of dogs and cats that differ greatly in appearance, size, temperament, etc. While evolutionary fables teach that mankind evolved from theoretical primitive organic compounds in some primordial stew, Genesis 1:26-27 states that the Elohim said “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness…male and female created he them.” Mankind was created as part of the Elohim “kind,” but in fleshly bodies.
Gender/sexual differences in each species renders evolution not only impossible but downright silly when you actually think about what had to happen for the very first male and female of each species to come into existence and then come together to produce new generations of each species. They had to come into existence at exactly the same time and in exactly the same place, created with painstaking design to be capable of reproducing themselves. That is exactly what Genesis 1 says happened, and that is the only explanation that makes any scientific sense. Psalm 14:1 states; “The fool has said in his heart there is no [Creator] God.” I Timothy 6:20 says there is such a thing as “science falsely so called.” Evolution is a hoax posing as science. There is an awesome Creator Being (the word “God” is so inadequate to describe him) who has the power to speak anything he wants to create into existence. The Creation proclaims both his power and his artistry (Psalm 19:1). He is the lawgiver for his creation, and all human beings have sinned as mankind fell in the Garden of Eden from the sinless state in which Adam and Eve were created (Romans 3:23).
Thankfully, the Elohim have made a way for humans to be forgiven and restored to a state of grace in which our sins can be forgiven and removed from us. Jesus Christ was the pre-existent Elohim Being who created everything that was created (John 1:1-3). He became a fleshly being who willingly died as a sacrificial “lamb” for the sins of all creation (John 1:2, 3:16-17). If you have not done so, you can accept him as your atoning sacrifice and begin the Christian process where God transforms your mind and heart (Romans 12:2) into the kind of being God wanted when he first made mankind in the Garden of Eden. If you repent to God in prayer and ask for Jesus Christ’s/Yahshua’s blood to atone for your sins and ask God to send his Holy Spirit into your life, he will forgive you and begin to work inside you to transform you into a being who can live forever with him as a son or daughter  (II Corinthians 6:18). As a child of God, you become an heir of “all things” that God created (Romans 8:17, Galatians 4:7, Hebrews 1:2), and an heir to the promise of an eternal life of joy with the Elohim (John 3:15-16). That sounds like a terrific offer, doesn’t it? It is! You can kneel and approach your invisible Creator in prayer anytime and accept the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for your sins and be a partaker in this promise. If you have not done so already, why don’t you do it now? You can see from evidence presented above that evolution is a hoax. There is a Creator God who created you and knows you completely. He’s very “ready to forgive” (Psalm 86:5) and he is waiting to hear from you.