January 11, 2008
Steve Collins

For a long time, I have felt like “a voice crying in the wilderness” warning that the prophecy in Ezekiel 38-39 reveals that a Russian-Chinese-Iranian Axis will emerge in the latter days of our age and that this Asian Axis will attack the western nations of the USA, the UK, NATO and their allies at some point in the future. I am no “Johnny-come-lately” to this awareness. In 1985, I sent an extensive research paper to a Sabbatarian Church of God organization warning about this prophesied event. I was essentially “told to take a hike.” They were so sure that Russia and China would never amount to a threat to the USA and that the real threat would be a militarized, re-Nazified “United States of Europe” that they refused to pay any attention to Ezekiel 38-39’s “latter day” prophecy. The prophetic expectation of that church group has proven to be utterly incorrect. The prophecy of Ezekiel 38 is marching to fulfillment so rapidly now that even US government departments can finally see it (they see the threat, but they do not put it into a biblical perspective). Here is more persuasive evidence that Ezekiel 38 is hastening toward its eventual fulfillment.

The Washington Times National Weekly edition’s 1-5-09 issue included an article entitled “China’s Pearls” in its “Inside the Ring section by Bill Gertz.”  In this story (see first link), The US Joint Forces Command in the Pentagon issued a report identifying “China as the main emerging nation-state threat that US forces could confront in a future conflict, along with potential threats from Russia, the Middle East and other places in Asia.” I’m sure the writers of this Pentagon report don’t realize it, but they are seeing the exact threat which Ezekiel 38 (written circa 2500 years ago) prophesied would emerge in the latter days of our age just prior to the time of Divine intervention in global affairs. The article also noted China’s “string of pearls” strategy whereby new Chinese bases are being built to project China’s rapidly-growing naval power into the South Pacific, the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf (the main maritime oil routes). The article cites Chinese facilities being built in Sri Lanka, Pakistan (a nation of “Cush” prophesied in Ezekiel 38 to join the Asian Axis), two military bases built in the South China Sea and even a proposed canal across the isthmus of Thailand. Other media articles in the past have commented on new Chinese facilities being built or planned in Iran and Burma.

This “string of pearls” strategy is aimed at supplanting US naval supremacy in this critical maritime corridor. It is also aiming to place so many Chinese bases around the nation of India that China can squeeze India into submission in the future.  If China seizes operational dominance of these maritime routes, it will control the flow of world oil from the Persian Gulf. This article also notes that China has been sending large numbers of its military students to the USA to be educated in US graduate schools so they can learn about (and how to defeat) “US military war-fighting and strategy.” I’ll bet taxpayers didn’t realize that US schools are being used to help train Chinese military officers for their future roles of attacking the US military.

At least this report confirms that responsible planners inside the Pentagon now see the dangers posed to the USA by the militaries of China, Russia, and their Asian allies (this would include Iran, North Korea, Syria, Hezbollah, Belarus, the “-stan” nations of Central Asia, etc.). These nations are the very ones foretold in Ezekiel 38 25 centuries ago to be our nations’ enemies at the end of this age. I don’t think the Bible’s precise accuracy is a stunning coincidence; it confirms the God of the Bible is controlling and shaping the destinies of nations. It would behoove modern nations to understand the Bible’s prophecies so they could prepare for inevitable future events, but they have been so duped by evolutionary myths that they do not realize the Bible is provably accurate.

Amazingly, even the US State Department (often the most naive and gullible of all government agencies in recognizing threats) has seen the light! A Washington Times editorial (see second link) entitled “China’s alarming arsenal” cited a US State Department analysis that “China’s Communist Party [which runs China]…has been accumulating weapons at a startling rate–one far exceeding what American intelligence analysts deem necessary for China’s security.” Think about the obvious implications of this statement. Just as Hitler was building weaponry in amounts “far exceeding” the need to defend Germany in the 1930s, China is doing the same thing in our time that Hitler did in the 1930s. Is it so hard to “call a spade a spade?” China is building so many weapons because it intends to launch aggressive wars…just as Hitler intended to do with his aggressive military programs in the 1930s. Only those in hopeless self-deception can fail to see this obvious conclusion and historical parallel. Ecclesiastes 1:9 warns that history flows in endless repetitive cycles. We are seeing such a repetitive cycle now.

The Times editorial warns that the need for the USA to “modernize its weapons and keep pace with the growing challenge [of China]” will be “the first deficiency the Obama administration must address.” True words, but since Obama will be occupied with the collapsing US economy, I don’t know how much attention he will pay to China’s efforts to build a military which can defeat the USA in a future war (which Ezekiel 38 guarantees will occur). The editorial notes that India and Japan are, respectively, “alarmed” and “on alert” about the rise of China’s military power, and urges Obama to “strengthen our alliances” with India, Japan, Taiwan, Australia and Mongolia. I didn’t know we had an alliance with Mongolia. If so, it is illusory as Ezekiel 38 indicates Mongolia (part of “Togarmah of the north quarters”) will be allied to Russia and China.

My past blogs and articles have identified Japan as “Tarshish” (the Asian nation of “merchants”), India as “Sheba and Dedan” (whose foremost caste is the Brahmins-named after “A-braham” who sent some of his sons to the “east country” to live) and Taiwan as one of the “young lions” (or “young tiger” nations of the Pacific Rim) in Ezekiel 38:13. Ezekiel 38:13 foretold over 25 centuries ago that these nations would be allied to the USA and the other western nations led by “Israel” (which does not mean the Jews but refers to the modern nations descended from the ten tribes of “Israel” who were prophesied to become exceedingly large after their ancient exile (Hosea 1:10).

The third link below documents that, amazingly, the stuporous US government has finally taken an action to protect the US from China’s spying efforts. The article reports that China is “refusing to allow US officials to conduct full inspections at Chinese facilities to see whether companies are diverting US high technology to the [Chinese] military.” This is a real “Duhh” observation. Of course, China is refusing to allow US officials to see the extent to which they are stealing our technology because they intend to use it against us in the future. That is what militarily aggressive nations do when they are preparing for war. This article also reports that the US Commerce and US Justice departments have also begun to wake up to the Chinese threat to the USA. One clue was they found out that one Chinese “procurement company” was a “technology procurement arm of the [Chinese] People’s Liberation Army.” A second Chinese procurement company that had been authorized to buy “sensitive” US goods turned out to be an affiliate of a Chinese military firm which produces Chinese fighter planes, nuclear-capable bombers and military aviation systems.  I wonder how many US military secrets they stole? Indeed, do we have any military secrets left or has China stolen them all by now?

As a result of the blinders coming off Uncle Sam’s agencies, The US has “tightened export rules” on five Chinese companies that have been sucking US weapons secrets out of our nation. That sounds like not much more than a “slap on the wrist” to me. Seriously, American military secrets have been so stolen by or sold to China that Congress really needs to
investigate to determine who are the traitors and quislings in the US companies or regulatory agencies who have allowed or facilitated these Chinese thefts of critical US military secrets. Will it happen? I doubt it. Proverbs 22:7 says debtors are “servants” to their lenders. In economic/banking matters, China is now one of America’s foremost bankers, and therefore, America is in a position of increasing economic servitude to China. China is hoping that its dominance over the USA will finally become so total in future years that the USA will submit to Chinese rule without China having to fire a shot. Ezekiel 38 reveals that hope will be a vain one. God, who inspired Ezekiel 38 and is shaping world events to bring to pass this prophecy in painstaking detail, has said a final climactic world war is certain.

As a final piece of relevant reading material, I’ve enclosed a piece by J.R. Nyquist, which was posted at www.financialsense.com, which eerily pens a secular account which strikingly parallels exactly what Ezekiel 38 foretells will occur in our future. I strongly recommend you read it. He makes the observation that “the leaders of Russia and China…are preparing for the next world war, which will be fought against a weakened and isolated America.”

The future is knowable. Ezekiel 38 foretold it 25 centuries ago. God is bringing that prophecy to pass steadily before our very eyes (if people have “eyes” to see it). Even US government cabinet departments now see the threats posed by Russia and China, as do some secular commentators. They do not grasp that these secular trends are fulfilling a Divinely-appointed script for modern nations at the end of our age. They eventually will…but, by then, it will likely be too late to do much to prepare or the apocalypse that will occur.