December 4, 2008
Steve Collins
Previous blogs at this site have discussed the very serious issue of Colony Collapse Disorder, the mass die-offs of honeybee colonies in many nations. This problem poses a serious threat to world food production because so many crops are dependent on honeybees for pollination. A variety of factors have been proposed and examined by scientists to see how this serious threat to world food supplies can be halted. We now have a report from Germany which appears to present “smoking gun” evidence on what is causing the honeybee die-off.
The link below is from an MD’s website, and it was sent to me by an alert reader. It is both interesting and persuasive in its evidence, so I’m posting it so all readers can see the report.
A report attributed to the German Research Center for Cultivated Plants “has linked the bee die-off in the Baden-Wurttemburg state of Germany to direct contact with the insecticide clothianidin” which had been sprayed on rapeseed and corn crops in Germany. The report cites a very persuasive finding that “Piles of dead bees were discovered at the entrance of hives in early May 2008 [and] Clothianidin was found in the tissues of 99% of the dead bees.” [Emphasis not added.] One agricultural research agency concluded that “it can be unequivocally be concluded that a poisoning of the bees is due to a rub-off of the pesticide ingredient clothianidin from cornseeds.” [Emphasis not added.] France has already banned this chemical in an effort to save its honeybees and a provisional ban is now in effect in Germany as well. If the USA wants to save its honeybees and agricultural crops, it seems logical that such a ban ought to be promptly issued in our nation as well. 
It would hardly be surprising that an “insecticide” (designed to kill insects) would kill honeybees as well. Indeed, the report further reports that the US EPA previously classified clothianidin as “‘highly toxic’ to honeybees,” but the insecticide was used in the USA and Europe anyway! Indeed, there are a variety of insecticides available to farmers, and all of them could have a role in the honeybee die-offs..
Unsurprisingly, the chemical company making the insecticide is blaming the method of its use as the culprit, not the insecticide itself. However, the article notes that “Beekeepers and pesticide critics rejected this explanation.” Please read the attached link for the full story.
Revelation 6:5-6 warns that serious food shortages will occur in the latter days of our age, and Matthew 24:7 warns that famines will be a sign of the imminent return of Jesus Christ to the earth.
The honeybee die-offs are just one sign that the world is facing an imminent, global food shortage. The attacked link is doubly valuable as it has a section detailing several global factors and trends which make a global food scarcity “inevitable.” These factors include the honeybee die-offs, climate change due to sun spot inactivity, lack of food reserves, the use of Genetically-Modified Foods, etc. You can review the entire list by reading the link’s report.
While the Bible prophesies food shortages will occur in the latter days of our age, it does not actually state that these food shortages will be the result of a Divine plague or punishment. Such an action is possible, but the link below documents many factors which indicate that mankind’s own foolish actions are bringing a food shortage upon the world’s nations. Overuse of insecticides (and chemicals in general), the imposition of Genetically-Modified Foods, the poisoning of both land and oceans by depleted uranium ammunition used in wars, etc. are all man-made causes for agricultural consequences that are lessening both food production and food quality (see especially the link’s discussion of the dangerous side-effects of Genetically Modified Foods). The link did not mention serious overfishing in the world’s oceans as one factor in imminent food shortages, but it has been discussed in previous blogs at this site.
Developing food shortages are just one of many current world events which indicate that the latter days of our age have arrived. Many biblical prophecies about the latter-days are now literally coming to pass simultaneously. For a detailed examination of these latter-day prophecies now being fulfilled in global geopolitics and conditions, see my article “Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?” available for free at this website.