The above statement is made in an article just released by the respected Stratfor Intelligence Report (see first link below). The article starts with the statement “The situation in Europe is dire.” It is referring to the stability of the Eurozone due to the looming default by Greece. As you will see in the article, the practice of government overspending could lead to the collapse of the current Euro currency and, perhaps, the stability of Europe itself.

If Greece defaults, the nations of Italy, Spain and Portugal may default as well. Some worry that other nations, such as the United Kingdom, could eventually default as well due to bloated debt levels. This same practice of rampant government overspending is practiced by the USA, but the most imminent danger of national defaults is in Europe. The article focuses on the dilemma faced by Germany, the continent’s bastion of fiscal power and financial responsibility. Either Germany must allow the weaker (more profligate) nations to go under or it must lead a bail-out to save the Eurozone as we know it. Stratfor makes the case that Germany is likely to do the bailout, but this is not yet certain. Other analysts argue that the southern nations may be removed from the Eurozone and a new “core Euro” may emerge which will still circulate as the currency unit of northern and central European nations. Stratfor’s article makes the compelling point that if Germany does a large bailout, Germany will insist on controlling the financial decisions of the bailed-out nations. This article is well worth the reading as it reveals just how unstable the current global financial system really is. Another perspective on the Eurozone crisis is found in the second link below (sent by a reader).

Europe is a continent in crisis. Not only is it facing a widespread financial meltdown if stringent actions are not taken, it faces a number of other severe threats. Europe is threatened by its ongoing demographic deterioration as the native European populations are not producing enough children to replace the outgoing generation even as the Islamic population in Europe is rising rapidly. These trends are threats to the survival of traditional European national cultures.

The third link below was also sent by a reader. It reports that NATO’s Secretary General is “surprised” that Russia openly considers the NATO alliance to be a threat to Russia’s security. Given the new hostility that has been developing between Russia and the West over missile defense, Iran’s nukes, the Georgia War, cutoffs of Russian energy supplies to Europe, etc., it is no surprise at all that Russia has such a stance. NATO is in strong denial if its own Secretary General actually feels surprised that Russia’s “President Dmitry Medvedev signed a new military strategy document naming NATO as a threat.” That Russia is moving into a state of increased confrontation with the USA and NATO has been obvious for some time.

Russia is rebuilding its military power, funded by strong energy revenues. Russia’s strategic ally, China, is rapidly building a modern, high-tech, powerful military. Iran is racing to develop nuclear weaponry and is deploying large numbers of cruise missiles to control Persian Gulf ship lanes. The “kings of the east” (Revelation 16:12) are gathering their strength for a future global war, and the West is mostly in denial about the growing threat and is squandering its military assets in Afghanistan. Ezekiel 38-39 prophesy that the Russian-Chinese-Iranian alliance and their allies will attack the western nations at the end of this age. Ezekiel 38 calls them the “Gog-Magog” alliance, but Revelation 16 calls them the “kings of the east.” Revelation calls this prophesied war the “Armageddon War,” and Ezekiel 38-39 describes this same age-ending war in greater detail. Revelation 16 and Ezekiel 38-39 are parallel prophecies. Each ends at the same point in prophetic time when the Heavens declare “it is done” (Revelation 16:17 and Ezekiel 39:8). This global world war is certain to come. The Bible reveals that God has ordained it. When the timing is right on God’s overall plan, God has revealed he will direct the minds of the Russian-Chinese-Iranian leaders to launch the attack (Ezekiel 38:4 and 10-11). The Eastern alliance is already actively preparing to fight this future war, but the West is asleep because their governments have forgotten their Maker and they ignore the Bible which contains this existential warning for their nations.

When it comes to “industrial strength” denial, no one is doing it better than the French in modern Europe. Not only is France in denial about the threat, France is helping to provide Russia with the military means to attack Europe in the future. The final link below reports that France is selling one of its major military warships to the Russian Navy, and that Russia might buy three more such warships from France. The purpose of the warships being bought by Russia from France is to enable the Russian Navy to better invade other nations from the sea with amphibious attacks by armored helicopters, military vehicles and troops. The report adds that “news of the sale raised concerns among other NATO members.” At least some people are awake to the fact that these French-supplied warships will pose a risk to European nations. However, there is a spirit of deep sleep on the European/NATO nations. I wonder if they will ever wake up.