A reader sent me the link below which underscores the growing military weakness of the western alliance. The link documents that the entire submarine fleet of Canada, a NATO nation, is now non-operational for varying reasons. This is a very sad commentary on the military deterioration of the NATO nations’ military forces. Combine this with the information in blog posts done some time ago that France’s military is of dubious battle-ready condition and the United Kingdom is dramatically downsizing its military along with the fact that the USA continues to wear out its military equipment and its soldiers and spend itself into oblivion in an unending Afghan War for which no one can put forward a solid strategic reason for its continuance, and one paints a rather grim picture re: the future of NATO’s future military ability to defend itself.

Many posts on this blog¬†have documented the very rapid militarization of China along with the resurgence of military power in Russia and Iran. The “Gog-Magog” alliance of Russia, China, and Iran and their allies is steadily building a powerful military force capable of invading the western nations in a future surprise attack, which is exactly what is prophesied to occur in Ezekiel 38-39.

I do have a suggestion to give to the Canadian military to get their submarine force working again. Previous blog posts have reported that the Israelis are regularly receiving ultra-modern Dolphin-class submarines from Germany which work very well. Canada could either pay the Germans to build them a functional submarine force or call in German’s submarine engineers to see if Canada’s disabled submarine force can be salvaged and made battle-ready. Those Germans always did know how to make U-boats!