This post is on a very sensitive topic: what may have caused the disappearance of the missing Malaysian airliner that “vanished” over the southern Indian Ocean? It will also venture into other very sensitive topics and possibilities. The disappearance of the large Malaysian airliner is an international mystery which so far has not been explained, and the media has largely moved on to other pressing international issues. While I have already posted on this topic twice,  I will introduce a new possible explanation of this topic with a flashback to a media story which has been largely forgotten. Do you recall a story from 2011 that Iran claimed to have hijacked an American military drone by hacking into its software program and landing it at an Iranian airport (first link)? If true, this story indicated that even a very high-tech US military drone could be “electronically hijacked” by a hostile power and diverted to either a new mission or a new landing zone. Personally, I have my doubts whether Iran had the technological ability to pull this off or whether Russian and Chinese technicians actually did it while operating from within Iranian territory or airspace. However, the evidence indicates that the US drone was electronically hijacked. Obviously, if you can hijack one drone, you can hijack others as well. The US government recently revealed that it was clearly worried about the electronic hijacking of aerial drones, and is taking the danger seriously.

As many readers realize, the Obama administration has directed the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to develop a program to allow the introduction of all kinds of aerial drones into US airspace by September 2015. The second link includes a very brief mention that the US government believes the danger of electronically capturing aerial drones via their software is a real one. The article states that one of the problems in developing a program to allow so many drones into US airspace in 2015 is the possibility of “protecting [aerial drones] against hijacking by software.” It was an arm of the US federal government, The National Research Council, which warned about the danger that drones could be electronically captured by some party hacking into their software. Imagine the horror that would result if someone hijacked an aerial drone and flew it right into the path of a civilian passenger jet landing at a major airport? This is just one possible danger among many others that can be imagined, as inferred from the National Research Council warning.

Now let’s ask another question: If an unmanned aerial military drone can be electronically hijacked by some external party hacking into its software programs, why couldn’t a manned warplane or a large commercial jet be electronically hijacked by some external party hacking into its software systems? Drones and airliners both utilize wireless communication signals. Why couldn’t a hijacking program piggyback itself onto a legitimate communications signal and electronically hijack a plane for some nefarious purpose? Or, why couldn’t someone hack into the autopilot control systems of a passenger airliner (or a military plane) and seize control of an airliner from the actual cabin crew? The third link (from CNN) at least hints that this may have happened to the missing Malaysian airliner that disappeared in the southern Indian Ocean. It proposes that the missing Malaysian jetliner was on “autopilot” while it was flying in a hijacked condition and that it took an “orderly path” into the southern Indian Ocean while it was electronically hijacked via its autopilot system. It also reminds us that despite an immense search throughout the southern Indian Ocean, no debris field of any crashed airliner was ever found. That no debris field was ever found strongly argues that the missing airliner landed at a location to which it was directed via its hijacked software. As my previous posts on this subject indicate, the only airfield in the southern Indian Ocean region toward which the missing Malaysian airliner flew was the massive US military complex at Diego Garcia Island. The fourth link (from the website) also points the finger at the US military installation at Diego Garcia Island as a possible landing site for the missing Malaysian airliner. It briefly comments on the sophisticated military equipment at Diego Garcia, and I cannot help but believe that if the airliner had been flying toward Diego Garcia with hostile intent on the part of those who hijacked it, the airliner would have been blown out of the sky long before it ever reached Diego Garcia. If that had happened, there would have been a huge debris field with floating seats, flotation cushions, life jackets, Styrofoam cups, pieces of the fuselage, etc. very visible for everyone to see via an air-search and certainly via any satellite search. That didn’t happen so the only logical explanation is that it landed somewhere. The only way it could have landed at Diego Garcia is if its arrival was expected and the US government had approved its landing there.

The fifth link (again from CNN) has a most mysterious comment. It reports that the air traffic controllers handling the missing Malaysian airliner waited for “over four hours…to look for the missing plane.” Sorry, but that assertion makes no sense to me and begs more commentary. From my own background of about a decade in the aviation management field long ago, I know that if an airliner suddenly “went dark” as it was being handed off from one set of controllers to another, all hell would have broken loose in an effort to locate any such missing airliner immediately. I’ve several times been in the FAA “dark room” where the controllers handle airplanes and monitor their location, altitude and heading via the airplane’s transponders. Those transponders could communicate other not-generally disclosed information as well (even back in the 1970s), but that is all I’ll mention in this post. If all that transponder info disappeared off the controller’s screens suddenly for any passenger airliner, there would have been immediate efforts to scramble warplanes, have spotters look for it, etc. to locate it. It is vital to locate any plane that disappears from the controller’s view, as it becomes an immediate flight risk of colliding with other aircraft! Until controllers locate the missing plane, they cannot possibly manage the other airliners in the area without the possibility that any instructions to them could lead to an in-flight collision. Yet we are to believe the airline controllers in Malaysia and Vietnam apparently couldn’t have cared less for over four hours that a missing airliner was flying around in their skies in a region full of other airliners? I say…nonsense! The only thing that makes sense to me is that those controllers were told, “not to worry” and were told not to report its disappearance for a specific number of hours to make sure no search efforts could find the plane.

At the beginning of this post, it was noted that a US military drone was electronically hijacked and flown to Iran three years ago, and that the US government is now worried about drones deployed in US airspace being “hijacked by software.” The question to ask is obvious: Was the missing Malaysian airliner electronically hijacked, and if so, by whom? The sixth link lists a long option of links that you can search for yourself about the likelihood that the missing Malaysian airliner was electronically hijacked. I think there is no other explanation, given that no debris field was found either on land or in the Indian Ocean anywhere. This raises several very uncomfortable questions. If even an unmanned US military drone can be successfully hijacked via electronic means, can any manned warplane be hijacked too? If a civilian airliner can be hijacked electronically, does that mean any civilian airliner can potentially be a target for electronic hijacking? Can an electronic hijacking be done via a roving ground signal, via a signal from a shadowing airplane, or via a satellite or some other space-based platform? If not, then it would seem that an airliner’s autopilot system must be tampered with before the flight in order to electronically hijack a specific plane–perhaps a “logic bomb” of some kind activates within an auto-pilot system when a targeted airplane reaches a certain GPS coordinate location and then seizes control of the airliner from its cabin crew. Let’s ask an even more sensitive question. If an airplane can be electronically hijacked, can a missile be electronically hijacked as well? In other words, could an ICBM or cruise missile be electronically hijacked while it was in flight toward a target and redirected toward a new location–perhaps to a harmless location for it to detonate or perhaps to redirect it to target its own launch site? That would make for an incredible missile defense system! How hard would it be to electronically hijack a missile’s computer software to “switch” the GPS coordinates of a missile’s “launch” location and its “target” location so the missile would reverse its trajectory and fly back and impact on its launch position?

Interesting, there is a hint in Ezekiel 38-39’s prophecy that such a thing might occur during the global World War III that is prophesied to end this age on planet earth before Divine intervention occurs. Ezekiel 38-39 was written during a low-tech time and Ezekiel had only low-tech vocabulary to try and describe a high-tech war that would occur millennia in the future. The Apostle John had the same problem in Revelation. In Revelation 9, John struggles to describe what he is seeing in his vision of the same age-ending World War III time that Ezekiel foretold in his prophecy. However, it is not hard to see that John is describing warplanes, armored helicopters, tanks and armored vehicles, etc. in his vision, albeit with low-tech vocabulary. Indeed, he did a good job given the limitation of his vocabulary. Now let’s apply this same limitation to what Ezekiel wrote about. As the attack of the Gog-Magog alliance against the nations of the latter-day house of Israel and its allies unfolds, Ezekiel 39:3 foretells a very curious thing. It cites God as saying re: this future time: “I will smite your bow out of your left hand and will cause your arrows to fall out of your right hand.”

Obviously, a Divine Creator God can do this by fiat, but he often works through human actions to fulfill his word. After all, in Ezekiel 38:21, he tells the invaded nations of the latter-day house of Israel to use their own “swords” (weaponry) and fight back against their invaders! This verse makes it clear that God isn’t going to do all the fighting himself. In ancient military terminology, an “arrow” was the long-distance “missile” of its time and a “bow” was the “missile-launcher” for an archer’s arrows. Applying this to our modern high-tech military technology, “bows” would be missile-launchers for ICBMs or cruise missiles and the “arrows” would be ICBMs and cruise missiles fired from those launchers. Ezekiel 39:3 clearly foretells that many of the missile-launchers (“bows”) and their missiles (“arrows”) will not work right or will not work at all when fired. While God could do this himself, this prophecy could easily be fulfilled by the Israelite nations’ military forces using electronic-capture technology to defeat the fired missiles and/or have them re-direct their flight paths to destroy their own launch facilities. The beauty of a logic bomb that simply reverses the GPS coordinates of a missile’s “launch” and “target” points is that the attacked nations don’t even need to know where a missile was fired from–the missile would “know” where it was fired from and would automatically re-aim itself at its own launch location. This would be an extraordinarily good way of destroying the mobile ICBM launchers of an enemy nation. In closing, it is an interesting possibility that many of the Gog-Magog nations’ missiles may already have embedded in their software “brains” undetectable, passive “logic bombs” that will only activate when necessary. Who knows how much of the military targeting software that has been reportedly “stolen” by the Chinese, Russians or Iranians from the West was actually leaked to them deliberately to infect their missile control systems’ software in advance of their being used in the future?