From a reader:

Hi Stephen,

I just recently came across your site and I’m wondering, what are your thoughts on the possibilities that men had the capacity for electricity during the time in Noah’s day? I’m intrigued.


My response:

Dear Christopher,

There is no doubt in mind whatsoever that the pre-Flood civilization on earth had electricity. Matthew 24:37 prophesies the latter-day society would mirror the pre-Flood world. Since ours is a high-tech society with electricity, it follows the pre-Flood world had the same technologies. Jasher 4:18 (a book not canonized but mentioned in the Bible as being an inspired book in ancient biblical times) states that mankind in pre-Flood times had learned the secret of mixing species together.  In order to do that, they had to have the same genome-mapping technologies we have today which require high-tech labs, electron microscopes, in-vitro technologies, etc. They had to have electricity to do this.

Also, my book, Parthia–The Forgotten Ancient Superpower, documents that the Parthian Empire, an empire of Israelites that fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah 14:2 and dominated South-Central Asia from 250 BC to 227 AD, produced DC electric batteries in considerable quantities.

Steve Collins