It is increasingly apparent that Muhammad El Baradei, the man trying to replace Hosni Mubarak as Egypt’s leader, is a front man for Iran’s efforts to topple Mubarak and replace him with a radical Islamic regime.

Fox News is reporting that El Baradei is now being openly supported by the Moslem Brotherhood to replace Mubarak (see first link). This is a clear signal that Iran is using El Baradei as a front man for Iran to seize control of the Suez Canal and to plant an anti-Western, anti-Israeli government in Egypt.  The second link cites reports that El Baradei is friendly to the Iranian government and may even be financially backed by it.

Amazingly, the Obama administration and the clueless American media are still pushing for Mubarak’s ouster and his replacement by El Baradei. They keep pushing for “democracy” in Egypt as if that was progress. Don’t they realize that when that misguided tactic was tried in an earlier Palestinian vote, they got Hamas installed as the new tyrants of Gaza? Doesn’t Obama realize that America, the West and Obama himself will be the biggest losers if Mubarak is replaced by a Moslem-Brotherhood-backed El Baradei administration in Egypt? Contrast the efforts of the Obama administration to topple Mubarak with Obama’s passive refusal to get involved on the side of the demonstrators when Iran was experiencing large-scale protests and riots against the radically anti-American and anti-Israeli rulers of Iran. This is a bizarre contrast. Doesn’t Obama have any ability to tell friend from foe in the world?

The third link relates the Israelis are alarmed at the USA’s willingness to abandon Mubarak, a staunch US ally and force for stability in the Mideast. You can be sure many American allies all over the world are watching this same thing with considerable consternation as Obama’s action are showing the world that no nation in the world can trust or predict the USA as long as Obama is president. If Obama abandons Mubarak, a long-time ally of the USA so cavalierly, Obama could abandon any other ally just as cavalierly as well.

This is a huge crisis. The alliances and security situation in the Mideast will change radically if the Mideast slips into the Iranian world even as NATO “member” Turkey already appears to be doing so. The Israelis will have to assume a much more uncompromising and militaristic stance to defend themselves in the region if Egypt turns to the “dark side.” The effect on oil prices will be very great if the Suez Canal is placed in hands unfriendly to the USA and the West. Large oil price increases will also push food prices higher because oil-based fertilizers and fuel costs are so large a part of the food production and food-distribution system of the world. Such price increases could push western economies into depressions and tip the entire global financial/monetary system of “Babylon the Great” into collapse…an event which would fulfill the prophecy of Revelation 17-18.

Now that the radical Moslem Brotherhood is openly supporting El Baradei, it should be evident to Obama and Co. that they have been tricked by Iran and El Baradei into serving the purposes of Iran. Let’s see if they wake up in time to help stabilize Mubarak’s government. Let’s hope its not too late. For further information, I refer you to my January 29th post on this same subject.

Make no mistake about it. If Mubarak falls, the Israelis and the USA lose…big time.