A remarkable development has occurred in Egypt where the Muslim Brotherhood’s leader, Mohammed Morsi, has been leading that nation into ever-greater chaos and impoverishment. The Egyptian military has given a 48-hour ultimatum to Morsi to meet the Egyptian people’s demands or, apparently, the Egyptian military will intervene to make that happen (first link).
Chaos now rules Egypt. The first link reports that Egyptian anger at the Muslim Brotherhood and its rulership has boiled over. The HQ of the Muslim Brotherhood was sacked, five Egyptian cabinet ministers have resigned (apparently to show solidarity with the protestors), and two military helicopters flew over the protestors in a gesture of apparent support. The first link reports 16 people have now been killed and 780 wounded as violence creeps into the Egyptian protests. The second link reports one of the dead is an American.
The second link and third link report that an amazing 22,000,000 Egyptians have signed a petition demanding Morsi’s resignation. It is gathering signatures at a rapid rate as the last I’d heard this petition had 7,000,000 signatures.
We should all watch what happens in Egypt in the immediate future very carefully. Morsi has led the nation to the brink of fiscal collapse by driving away the tourists and the money they bring to Egypt. At some point, if the tourists don’t return, there will be no funds to pay the military forces’ salaries. You can bet the Egyptian military wants to have paychecks that don’t bounce. They may have to forcefully intervene to restore order in Egypt to bring the tourists and their money back to Egypt. If the only way to accomplish this is to oust Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood from ruling the nation, then the outcome seems obvious.
Because Egypt is not listed as a member of the Gog-Magog alliance in Ezekiel 38:2-6, this argues that Egypt will not remain under the rulership of the Islamic radicals. However, we must watch events to see what happens.
Let’s see what happens if Morsi doesn’t resign within the 48-hour deadline. We’ll see if the Egyptian military is serious or just bluffing. The clock is ticking…