In a development that is likely not to be made known to very many Americans, an important Egyptian political leader called the USA an “enemy” in a secret meeting of Egyptian officials and leaders called together by Egyptian leader Mohammed Morsi. The head of the Islamic Labor Party, not realizing he had a “hot” microphone in front of him, openly called the USA an “enemy” during a meeting which mostly discussed a different issue: a dam on the upper Nile which could affect the flow of water to Egypt along the Nile River. I also saw this same incident mentioned on the BBC-TV news which airs on many American PBS TV outlets.
This very anti-American outburst by an Egyptian leader shows how deep the anti-American sentiment runs in the inner circle of the Egyptian government headed by the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi. Israel was called an “enemy” nation in this outburst as well.
Hmm. Iran has long called the USA the “Great Satan” and the Israelis the “Little Satan.” Now an Egyptian leader close to Egypt’s head of state calls the USA and Israel its enemies too. It seems that the Islamist leaders of Egypt are beginning to increasingly voice the sentiments of Iran. This post is a worthwhile follow-up to the previous posting on Egypt and Turkey.
No wonder travel websites are warning that travel to Egypt is now quite dangerous (see previous post).