Egypt has just harshly slammed Turkey for “supporting terrorists and seeking to provoke mayhem in the Middle East” after Turkey’s leader Erdogan, in a UN speech, attacked current Egypt’s government for overthrowing the Muslim Brotherhood’s regime in Egypt (first link). Erdogan’s speech is a classic case of “those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” Relations between Egypt and Turkey, two major Mideast Muslim nations, are deteriorating rapidly. The second link also examines the Egyptian-Turkish rift, but states that Turkey will now “provide the ‘necessary support’ to the [coalition] operation in a ‘military or logistical’ capacity to tackle the terror group [ISIL].” That would be a welcome development, but so far any meaningful support against ISIL by Turkey is just rhetoric as long as Turkey takes no actual military action vs ISIL and continues to deny the USA permission to use the major US Incirlik base in Turkey in air operations vs. ISIL.

The third link, though a month old from the website, provides some very unreported information about the rise of ISIL and the bizarre effect it is having on Mideast alliances and politics. It asserts that ISIL originally rose to power as an anti-Assad regime entity supported by Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the USA [Yes, the USA!] designed to “isolate Iran” which later spun out of control and became the ghoulish terrorist entity we know today. It further asserts that the rise of ISIL has “set Iran irrevocably at the throat of Turkey”, and discusses “Turkey’s key role in bringing the ‘caliphate’ into being, and sustaining it now.” It adds that Turkey has turned a blind eye to the torrent of foreign fighters which have passed through Turkey to join ISIL and that Turkey is facilitating ISIL’s oil revenues. It includes the following statement which will sound jarring to American ears: “But the US White House [Obama], so long complicit with Turkey in funding the jihadists in Syria, and so dependent on Qatar for US Persian Gulf basing, and supportive generally of the Turkish approach to the Muslim Brothers, finds it difficult to challenge a Turkish government which is increasingly visible in its anti-US policies.” Any past US-Turkish support for Syrian rebels, including the ISIL group, could have a Benghazi connection that no one in the Obama administration wants to see the light of day.

It was widely alleged that in the aftermath of the US-NATO bombing of Libya which led to the destruction of the Libyan nation, the American CIA routed many Libyan weapons to the Syrian rebels via Turkey. The fourth link has a very in-depth examination of the roles played by the USA, the American CIA, Turkey, Qatar, the British MI6 agency, etc. in facilitating the rise of ISIL. It asserts that CNN [and] “the Wall Street Journal, the British Telegraph and sources confirm that the US consulate in Benghazi was mainly being used for a secret CIA mission (emphasis not added),” and that “the State Department [then run by Hilary Clinton] presence in Benghazi ‘provided diplomatic cover’ for the previously-hidden CIA mission.” I’m sure the Obama administration, Hilary Clinton’s thinly disguised campaign for the White House and the Democratic Party in the USA does not want this information made available to American voters before the November elections or the 2016 presidential campaign. The fourth link contains some stunning revelations, and I urge all readers to read it carefully. If it is true, it explains why Obama is withholding justified criticism of Turkey and why Obama is so half-hearted about actually fighting ISIL in a way that will defeat it.

The final link adds more information about the role of Turkey in the rise of ISIL. It states that Turkey vigorously supported the Syrian rebels fighting Assad’s Syrian government, but then had trouble extricating itself from the situation after the rise of ISIL. It also provides details about an alleged “Deep State” [a second governing network] within Turkey that operates apart from or overlapping with the Turkish central government. It also cites a report that “About 10% [of ISIL fighters] are Turkish citizens.”

The Mideast is spiraling out of control. Turkey and Egypt are at each other’s throats. Turkey and Iran are at loggerheads. The Sunnis and Shiites are edging closer to a conflagration. ISIL has created a terrorist state inside Iraq and Syria which is giving a whole new definition to evil with its be-headings, crucifixions, forced conversions, mass executions of men, kidnapping of women for sex slaves, etc. I watched a BBC TV segment this week aired on America’s PBS network which interviewed a woman who had escaped from the sex trafficking practices of ISIL. She said ISIL men forced captured women to remove their headscarves so the ISIL men could select who they wanted and some women were dragged off by their hair. No wonder hundreds of thousands of refugees are fleeing to Kurdistan or Turkey or anywhere to escape ISIL.

I think it is seriously time for the world to join together to put more warplanes in the sky and boots on the ground to stop this army of madmen. I also think it is long past time that Kurdistan was made independent of Iraq. A smart US president would, I believe, recognize an independent Kurdistan, make a treaty with it and build a giant US air base in Irbil to replace the US base in Incirlik. When the Irbil base it ready, the Incirlik base could be shut down. What good is having a US base in Turkey if Turkey prevents the US from using the base when it is sorely needed? At least those are my thoughts.

There is so much more, but this is enough for one post.