While the world has its eyes fixated on Iran’s nuclear program, Egypt has also been quietly working on its own nuclear program. Why isn’t the USA or the world as worried about Egypt’s nuclear program as it is Iran’s? There is a very easy answer to that question. Egypt has not threatened to wipe any other nation off the map and had actually been working rather cooperatively with the Israelis recently. Iran has threatened to wipe Israel off the map and it has imperialist designs on its Sunni Arab neighbors, so it is far more dangerous. Also, Iran’s leaders are adherents of a fringe Shiite sect which believes their “Hidden imam” can only come as an Islamic messiah-figure if there is a major conflagration. Egypt is a Sunni Moslem nation and it does not share Iran’s radical Shiite belief system.

The first link reports that the IAEA has discovered that Egypt has conducted a “variety of nuclear experiments for more than 20 years” without disclosing this fact to the IAEA. Reportedly, Egypt has been experimenting with uranium experiments for “20 years or more,” its plutonium experiments are “much [more] recent.” It is plutonium which is the key to making nuclear weapons, so the fact that Egypt is working with plutonium experiments argues that a nuclear weapons program is the only reason for such experiments. One can hardly blame Egypt. Seeing the Iranian Shiites working at a rapid rate to build Shiite nuclear weapons, Sunni Arab nations such as Egypt can hardly be faulted for wanting to build nuclear weapons to deter Iranian (Persian) imperialist dreams. The first link below indicates as much. The second link reports that “Cairo is now building ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads.” That Egypt is already building ballistic missiles to carry nuclear warheads strongly infers that Egypt expects to have nuclear weapons to place on those missiles reasonably soon. Egypt and Israel are so close to each other that Egypt doesn’t need ballistic missiles to strike Israeli targets if Egypt considered Israel a threat to Egypt (short-range missiles would suffice). That Egypt is building ballistic missiles (long range weapons) for its nuclear warheads indicate that it regards Iran as its likely enemy. The second link also reports that Egypt has had plutonium-extraction or plutonium-production agreements with such nations as France, Germany, Argentina, Pakistan and Iraq in the past, and that it declined Chinese help because of an American-Canadian offer of help.

A previous blog at this website documented that Saudi Arabia may already be a nuclear power itself. That blog reported that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program was significantly financed by Saudi money, and that Saudi Arabia can lay a claim to a percentage of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal when it wishes to obtain them. If Iran declares it has nuclear weapons, Saudi Arabia would have every reason to quickly claim its share of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal.

The world is becoming a steadily more dangerous place. As more nations build nuclear weapons, the likelihood grows that they will be used in open warfare. I Timothy 3:1 warned that “perilous times” would come in the latter days. In Matthew 24:22, Jesus Christ prophesied that the dangers would grow so great that unless he intervened in world events with his Second Coming, “there should no flesh be left alive.” If you wish to consider the various ways that “all flesh” could be wiped out on earth as mankind devises ever more destructive weaponry and technologies, I invite you to read my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?, available at the articles link at this website.

My thanks to a reader for tipping me off to this report.