There was considerable media publicity about the spectacular solar eclipse which was seen by viewers in India, China and parts of Asia earlier this week. I didn’t hear a single comment re: what miraculous events solar eclipses really are. Here is the “rest of the story.”

The July-August issue of Discover Magazine had a short feature on eclipses (“20 Things You Didn’t Know About Eclipses” on p. 96). It included these statements: “The beautiful symmetry of a total solar eclipse happens because–by pure coincidence–the sun is 400 times larger than the moon but is also 400 times farther from earth, making the two bodies appear the exact same size in the sky,” and “Earth is the only place in the solar system where that happens.” These are true statements, except for the part about this “beautiful symmetry” being the result of “pure chance.” Here are the facts.

Genesis 1:14 records that God designed the capacity for lunar and solar eclipses into our solar system. It states that God arranged the positioning of the heavenly bodies for “signs, seasons, and for days and years.” Human calendars have always been synchronized to either lunar or solar cycles, and many civilizations of mankind have calculated “seasons” (i.e. such as when to plant crops) via the various equinoxes and solstices. However, eclipses are an example of how “signs” (portents) in the heavens may coincide or announce major events on earth that affect the course of human history. Comets and planetary conjunctions can also be such heavenly “signs.” Are all such eclipses and comets heavenly “signs? There are many eclipses which accompany no major event on earth, but sometimes eclipses, comets, etc. do signal or accompany major events in human history. You can learn about some of these events by referencing an encyclopedia as that is not the primary subject of this blog.

The point of this blog is that the “beautiful symmetry of a total solar eclipse” is so precisely-designed that the mathematics and positioning of the solar system’s bodies reflect not “pure chance,” but rather the precision of a designer with skills like that of a master watch-maker who knows how to organize and position wheels and gears to “tell time.” The Creator God is the “master watch maker” who has ordered the heavens. Is it also just “pure chance” that the only place in our solar system where solar eclipses can be seen from a planet’s surface is earth–the only planet where God has made human beings “in his [own] image” (Genesis 1:26)? No, it was created this way by design, as Genesis 1:14 records. Seeing “beautiful symmetry” in the heavens and then dismissing it as “pure chance” is a perfect example of the truth of Romans 1:20-23 and II Timothy 3:7. The first scripture prophesies that mankind will see the wonders of the creation, but give no glory or credit to the obvious Creator who is responsible for these wonders of Creation. Modern mankind, duped by evolutionary fantasies, “professes [itself] to be wise”, but becomes “fools.” The second scripture accurately describes modern science. It is “ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

Eclipses are likely to be important portents at the end of our age. Revelation 6:12 prophesies that as the return of Jesus Christ nears, “the sun [will] became black as sackcloth…and the moon [will] became as blood.” This language indicates that there will be both solar and lunar eclipses just prior to the end of our age when the Creator God who has been rejected by modern science personally intervenes in human affairs. A sun “black as sackcloth” indicates a solar eclipse and a moon “as blood” indicates the reddish hue of a lunar eclipse. A previous blog at this site perhaps a year ago (see Archives) cited the findings of a Messianic Teacher that there will be a series of lunar and solar eclipses on the biblical Holy Days of Leviticus 23 in the years 2014-15. Jesus Christ was crucified on a Passover and the giving of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2 came on a biblical Holy Day called the Feast of Weeks (Christians now call it “Pentecost”). Revelation 6 prophesies that eclipses will precede or announce the end of this age. I’d watch the years 2014 and 2015 for a possible end of our age, due to the rare occurrences of eclipses on major Biblical Holy Days in those years. God “keeps time” on his biblical Sacred Calendar, not on any modern secular calendar.

The world is expecting “a new age” of some kind in 2012 due to the expiration of the current “long count” (I think it is called) on the Mayan Calendar in 2012 and a predicted movement of the earth into the central plane of our galaxy. Apocalyptic events are prophesied for 2012 by various prognosticators. Perhaps they might happen. However, I doubt we’ll see the return of Jesus Christ by 2012. For that to happen, the beast power would have to be on the earth and the Two Witnesses would have to be conducting their ministry NOW as the Bible states both the beast and the Two Witnesses will have 3 and 1/2 years allotted to their respective global dominance and ministry (Rev. 11:3 and 13:1-5) before Christ returns. If the true Messiah is to come in 2012, the beast and Two Witnesses need to be present on the earth already in 2009 in order for the prophesied 3 and 1/2 year periods of time to occur. I don’t see either the beast or the two Witnesses here yet. However, the phony “messiah” (the beast and false prophet) could appear sometime in the Spring of 2012 and three and 1/2 years later, the real Messiah (Jesus Christ) could conceivably return in the Autumn of 2015. Mind you, I’m not making predictions. I’m merely citing possibilities.

Finally, about that recent solar eclipse over India, China and part of Asia. Maybe it was a mere coincidence that holds no significance. However, if it does hold significance, it would indicate that India and China are both strategically important places to watch for future major events. China is on a meteoric rise to international power, both militarily and economically. China is preparing to openly challenge the USA for global leadership. India and China are two of the important “BRIC” nations  (Brazil, Russia, India China) which are rising in global economic power and are collectively unhappy with the debauching of the US dollar now being done by the Obama administration and the US Federal Reserve Board. Leaders in the BRIC nations are openly calling for a new global currency to replace the US dollar. Maybe the solar eclipse will prove to be a portent after all. We’ll have to watch how the future unfolds.

However, there is no question that a series of both lunar and solar eclipses occur on biblically-significant Holy Days in 2014-2015, and that Revelation 6:12 prophesies both lunar and solar eclipses will accompany the end-time sequence of events on earth. If (notice I wrote “if”) Jesus Christ is scheduled to return on God’s timetable in 2015, then we can expect the rise of the “beast” (a false messiah who will deceive the world) in 2012. The Two Witnesses should also likewise come on the scene. If that happens, the math works out for the end of our age and the return of Jesus Christ three and 1/2 years later in 2015. These are “possibilities” worth considering.