Re: the video about getting worms from eating pork.  There was a
show on TV (maybe Learning Channel or Discovery) featuring a Jewish family and the only way they would have gotten the worms was from contact with a housekeeper from Central America. Makes you want to be really really cautious about food and hygiene.

Thanks for your feedback on my blog about the brain worm topic. I did not see the cable-TV program you mentioned, but the problem of brain worms must be getting worse for a cable-TV program to mention it. If I understand you correctly, the program you watched apparently discussed a Jewish family who had a family member with brain worms? It should also be noted that many Jewish families in America are not Orthodox Jews (who are strict about observing biblical meat laws). There are many non-observant, Reform and Conservative Jewish families who either do not observe the biblical meat laws at all or do not do so with any degree of strictness. If Jewish families do not strictly observe the biblical meat laws, they are as vulnerable to brain worms as anyone else. If the program indicated that the subjects of the cable-TV program were an observant Jewish family and they still contracted a brain worm from a Central America housekeeper, it highlights the importance of thorough hygiene, hand-washing and extra heating of the meat if pork is consumed.
Personally, I think God gave the instructions in Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14 about meats for our well-being. I’ll stick with eating meats which I Timothy 4:4-5 state are OK to eat if they have been “sanctified by the word of God.”