Hi Steve,
could it be that Germany is East Manasseh and USA West Manasseh?
Note that we have in Germany Nieder-Sachsen, Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt as
federal states.


Hi Silvan,
Since Genesis 48:19 indicates Manasseh will be a single nation, I do not believe modern East Germany is part of Manasseh. I think the USA is the nation of Manasseh, and it is divided into two “halves” by the Mississippi River, even as the ancient territory of Manasseh in the Promised Land was divided into two halves by the Jordan River.
However, my book (which also discusses Germany’s Israelite origin) acknowledges that the name of “Isaac” is still upon some of Germany’s provinces, and I believe that one-half of the tribe of Manasseh migrated through Germany. When the USA was being settled, roughly half of its colonists came from an English background and half came from a German one. German almost became the official language of the early USA. The union of the British and German colonists when so smoothly because they were both from the same Israelite tribe!
I discuss these issues extensively in my book, Israel’s Tribes Today.