This post offers an exciting announcement, especially for Dutch-speakers who read this website! My first book, The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found! will soon be printed and released in the Dutch language. Holland (or the Netherlands) consistently ranks in the top ten nations of people visiting my website. Last month, Holland was number 8 on the list of 120 nations who had citizens visiting my website so, hopefully, this new Dutch-language book will of special interest to Dutch visitors to my website.

Recently, I was approached by a Dutch publisher who wished to publish my aforementioned book in the Dutch language. After a series of email exchanges and phone conversations, an agreement was reached which will make my book about the history, migrations and current locations of the ten tribes of Israel available to Dutch speakers. English-speaking visitors to my website who also speak Dutch will, for the first time, be able to refer those who only speak Dutch to my new Dutch-language version of the book to learn the fascinating history and, even more importantly, the modern locations of the ten tribes of Israel.

Dutch translators are already at work translating my book into Dutch, and they are committed to reproducing a faithful and true version of my first book in the Dutch language. It is expected that the Dutch version of my book will be ready in a few months. When it is ready for sale, I will add a post about it here, and add a homepage link at my website to the Dutch website which will handle all Dutch-language sales. That website, located in Holland, is Those who wish to ask questions about the Dutch-language book and those who wish to pre-order it, may contact the operators of that website directly.

If any readers of my website are interested in translating and selling my book in any other language, they are encouraged to write me at: Steven M. Collins, PO Box 88735, Sioux Falls, SD 57109-8735. Please provide your email and I’ll contact you directly from my email. I have to utilize the “snail mail” option for now as I’m still recovering from a nasty concussion, the effects of which limit my time at the computer each day. For this reason, I am still unable to respond to reader questions submitted at my website. Hopefully, with your prayers for God’s healing, I’ll be healed and made whole so I can again devote much more time to computer work and respond to readers questions.

Until the Dutch-language, printed version of my first book, The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found! is available, there are only two ways to obtain my book, and those are both in the English language. The first is on the secondary market where used copies of my first book were selling at extremely high prices the last time I looked. The other way is to order the E-book version of this book at my website for $12.99, half the cost of the original printed book. It offers a wealth of information about ancient history (from Roman, Greek, ancient Jewish and even Vedic Indian secular sources as well as the Bible) that is not found in modern textbooks. When you understand that the ten tribes of Israel became extremely numerous after their exile (as Hosea 1:10 prophesied would happen), and that they eventually created a massive Asian empire that ruled over their former Assyrian, Babylonian and Persian captors (as Isaiah 14:2 prophesied would occur), you will see the amazing evidence of their later migrations and where they are located today among the modern nations. Once you understand where the Israelite nations are on the modern map, not only will modern geopolitical issues become much more understandable, but the future of modern nations will also become evident to you.