My previous post dealt with the drought now spreading across America. More sobering information has since come to light and I’m passing it on to readers of this blog. The first link is a story which appeared in the 7-19-2012 issue of USA Today and other media outlets. It reports that the drought has become so bad in the mid-section of the USA that the “Mississippi River levels are nearing record lows,” that the Arkansas River in Kansas has almost dried up (it is down to 1 cubic foot per second at one measuring station!), and that water temperatures in one river in Kansas have reached 103 degrees, which jeopardizes the survival of fish and aquatic life.
The article further warns that “crops are getting close to having total failure” in much of Indiana, and grape crops are drying up in California. A duck farm lost 1,600 ducks in one day due to the heat. Corn crops are in the pollination phase and if they do not receive rain quickly, the stalks will produce no (or very few) ears even if rain comes later. In Missouri, one soil survey could find “no moisture” in the ground five feet down!  All kinds of food products are now in danger from this spreading and worsening drought.
The second link, from, reports that prices for a wide range of food commodities are now soaring (some to record highs). Long-range weather forecasts also show no relief in sight. Indeed, the second link reports that the NOAA weather forecast foresees “no relief for the next 30 to 60 days.” If that forecast comes true, you can kiss lots of America’s food crops good-bye. Notice the last paragraph of the second link, which warns this great drought could bring “needed demand rationing.” Rationing. Did you ever think you’d see that word applied to America’s food supply?  The link’s statement pertains most specifically to the soy and corn crops, but if NOAA’s dire weather forecast proves true, all kinds of foodstuffs will be in short supply and will be rationed, either by law or by price increases (i.e., much higher levels of inflation). Revelation 6:5-6 warns that foodstuffs will be rationed by price in the latter days. Drought is the most obvious reason for crop failures.  
In my previous post, I raised the possibility that this drought may be sent by God as a national punishment for America’s sins and I cited the book, The Harbinger, as warning that America’s leaders have been, since 9/11, repeating a pattern of defiance toward God that the leaders of ancient Israel practiced…to their national sorrow. My previous post noted that President Obama’s endorsement of homosexual marriage may be the greatest act of defiance against God that any American president has ever done or uttered. The actions of leaders, particularly among nations of the “covenant” tribes of Israel, can affect the general populace, for good or for ill. I’ll cite just two biblical examples. When God was greatly angered by the rebellion of all the Israelite tribes soon after they were Divinely delivered from Egypt by God, Moses, their national leader, saved the entire nation by interceding with God for them in deeply-humble prayer (Exodus 32:1-14). On the other hand, when King David sinned on one occasion, 70,000 innocent Israelites died because of King David’s sin (II Samuel 24:1-17). The actions and words of national leaders matter…greatly. We are not playing games any more. There is a spirit world, and it has an omnipotent king over it, the Elohim of Israel–the God or Godhead (Romans 1:20, Colossians 2:9) of the Bible. That Almighty King of the spirit world created mankind and gave us each a few years of sentience in a body made of the elements of the ground. Every good thing we have or enjoy is ours because of God’s generosity. We need regular supplies of food and water or we die. America’s food supply is now at risk because of this growing drought. If NOAA’s forecast is right and the drought worsens for another 30-60 days, we will be facing a drought of biblical proportions in the USA.
President Obama made his shocking declaration of support for homosexual marriage on May 9, 2012 (third link). The fourth link is most enlightening. It shows the extent and severity of the drought in the USA since May 1, 2012. On May 1st, wide stretches of America’s food-growing Midwest and Central States had little or no drought. The drought monitor on the fourth link shows the weekly changes in the USA since May 1st. Watch how the drought gets far more extensive and severe across America’s breadbasket states right after Obama made his excruciatingly anti-Divine announcement. As you watch the great American drought expand and worsen right after Obama’s announcement on the moving map, you might not feel the drought is so coincidental after all. The drought can’t all be blamed on Obama. America has been sliding into ever-greater sinfulness and defiance toward God for decades. Obama’s statement may simply be the capstone of the growing pyramid of rebellion that America has evidenced toward God and his laws for decades.
The United States is a covenant nation and the leading nation of the modern ten tribes of Israel, as my free booksarticles and audio messages document. Its elected and appointed leaders, corporations, academics, scientists and people have increasingly been rebelling against God, the Divine Order and the Divine Laws that govern human beings and national destinies. The USA stands in urgent need of national repentance….from the greatest of us to the least of us. If this drought is Divinely sent upon the USA, then it will worsen without repentance. However, since Matthew 5:45 states that God “sends rain upon the just and the unjust,” there is hope that unmerited Divine mercy may yet break the drought. However, we are getting deeper into the biblically-prophesied latter days and Revelation 6:5-6 will have to be fulfilled at some point. Maybe we are deeper into the latter day sequence than we Christians have realized.