Remember the Star Wars movie where the good guys fought an army of mechanical androids? The term “android” was shortened to “droids” by the movie characters. Well, if God allows our age to continue awhile, such war-making “droids” may not only be possible, but deployed and used in combat.

A company has been given a contract by the Pentagon to develop what is called an “Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot,” which is known by the appropriate acronym of EATR because this robot can be powered by “feeding” on organic matter found in nature or on a battlefield of the future (see first link below). I would like to thank reader, Winston, for sending me the first link which discusses an original FOX News story on this subject. According to the first link, the EATR robot could “feed” on any organic material, including corpses strewn on a battlefield. This rather macabre possibility later resulted in FOX News revising its story to deny that this new robotic weapon would even think of re-energizing itself on corpses. Both links are found below, and you can determine for yourself which version sounds like the true intended capacity of this war-making robot. As you will note in the links, this robotic weapon could be diversified into what we could call “recon droids,” “Medi-Vac droids,” or “attack droids.”

Genesis 11:6 records that mankind was so technologically advanced soon after the Flood of Noah’s time that God had to confuse and divide the languages of all nations because mankind had reached a tipping point where even God observed that “nothing will be restrained from them which they imagined to do.”  Of course, the post-Flood world was trying to rebuild the extraordinary technological capacities of the pre-Flood world which God had previously destroyed in the Flood. [If you have not done so yet, you can read a transcript of a message I gave on the high-tech, pre-Flood world at the “speeches” link at this website.] Jesus Christ prophesied in Matthew 24:37 that the latter days of our age would mirror the pre-Flood world of Noah, so we can expect a very high-tech society to be present on the earth at the end of our age. It is all around us today. Daniel 12:4 prophesied there would be an “increase” in knowledge in the latter days of our age, which is consistent with Matthew 24:37’s prophecy.

In the Star Wars movies, modern mankind “imagined” war-fighting androids, and now it is embarking on a real-world project to build just such things. I’d observe that, as in Noah’s pre-Flood time, mankind has passed the tipping point where it is able to eventually implement whatever it now “imagines” to do. The EATR androids would have many practical battlefield uses as human lives would not be risked to perform their various duties. They could be parachuted behind enemy lines and “go to war” without any risk of  “friendly” casualties. However, these new “droids” could also become a “doomsday” weapons system which could either turn on their masters or continue a war long after their human controllers were dead.

It is not hard to visualize how such “droids” could be turned against their Pentagon masters if they are not designed very carefully. China and Russia have been conducting widescale cyberattacks on other nations and are stealing US technologies, according to media reports that were examined in previous blogs. Presumably, the new “droids” would have wireless, interactive, network-based software to coordinate their actions. If these “droids” were deployed by the Pentagon, Russia and China could turn all of them against their American controllers by hacking into the “droid” computer software programs and simply reversing their IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) programming. The Pentagon may want to guard against this possibility by having the IFF program not connected to any computer software program in these “droids.” Some kind of visual recognition system or infra-red identification system might be a better option to make sure the IFF system cannot be reversed by computer hacking. One other thing, the Pentagon needs to be sure that “our” droids are not vulnerable to an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) weapon. I used the term “our” droids, because at the rate that Russia and China are stealing our military technologies, they will be building “their” droids at the same time.

What a brave, new world we are entering! Welcome to the biblical “latter days!”,2933,533382,00.html