The book of Revelation has several prophecies not only about a “beast” figure which is to emerge on the scene in the latter days, but also cryptic references to an “image of the beast” (emphasis added). What could be meant by these enigmatic references has been a mystery… until now. Technology has now advanced to such an extent that we can see how cutting-edge holographic and video-manipulation techniques technology could fulfill this prophecy. The link below (and the introductory language that introduces the link) was sent to me by reader, Winston. I’d credit the writer of the introductory language (in boldface type), but I do not know who wrote it.

The first link below is a “must-see” video of a very real Celine Dion performing a duet with a high-tech video-manipulation image of Elvis Presley. The image of Elvis is uncannily-real looking, and it appears that Elvis Presley has been brought to life and is performing on a stage with Celine Dion. This is an awesome technology.  Star-Trek fans will be reminded of the “holodeck” on the Starship Enterprise where futuristic space ships had entertainment compartments in which they could “bring to life” animated holographic (“photonic”) figures which looked and acted real. Indeed, in the second link, the technicians who created this Elvis-Celine Dion illusion explain how they did it and termed it an “easy” job. Interestingly, they have worked on Star Trek scenes in the past as well. Holographic projections are also being developed to be more believable. The third link below describes how CNN used a holgraphic projection in a news segment. Let’s consider the prophetic implications of these advancing technologies to display convincing visual illusions.

The Apostle John was given a vision of life in the latter days when he wrote the book of Revelation. He had no words in his ancient vocabulary to readily describe what he was seeing in his vision. Revelation 9 has descriptions of modern tanks, warplanes and helicopters given in John’s ancient vocabulary, but John makes it clear that he was struggling to effectively describe what he was seeing. In verses 7-9, for example, he describes some modern war machines that he saw in vision with the phrases “like unto” or “as it were” so he was trying to give readers as good a description as he could of what he was seeing in the vision. Daniel had the same problem as John because Daniel also didn’t understand what he was seeing in his latter day visions. In Daniel 12:9, he was told by God that his prophecies couldn’t be understood by any of his readers until the latter days arrived when mankind would develop (and recognize) the technologies that would fulfill his prophecies about rapid mass transportation and a global knowledge explosion in Daniel 12:4. The book of Revelation must be understood in the same light: it is a vision of our time but John had insufficient vocabulary to describe what he was seeing so he did the best he could with his low-tech vocabulary. Revelation 14, 15, 16, 19 and 20 also mention the “image of the beast” in prophecies along with references to the actual beast. In other words, John saw that there would be a real global ruler, but that he would also have the ability to project “images” of himself in the latter days. Could John have been seeing in his vision of the latter days that an actual global ruler called “the beast'” in prophetic terminology would use video-manipulation technologies or holographic projections to project “images” of himself at various places around the world whenever he makes official statements or pronouncements?

What does this have to do with the convincing illusion of Elvis performing “live” with Celine Dion? A lot! Revelation 13:14 indicates that the latter-day masses will be “deceived” into thinking that they are witnessing miracles, and II Thessalonians 2:9 also prophesies that “lying wonders” (hi-tech tricks?) would deceive the masses in the end-time. I recall a science fiction series shown on TV years ago called “Babylon 5” where the commander of a huge space ship/colony could project a holographic image of himself when he wished to address the inhabitants of this space colony called Babylon 5. Could a similar kind of technology be in our future? After watching the convincing video of Celine Dion and “Elvis” perform together on a stage, you will see that video illusion technology has progressed to a high degree. It is now already possible to use video-manipulation or holographic technology to make a video illusion seem very convincing. The future “beast” could use video-illusion and/or holographic technology to project “images” of himself to the masses. A very advanced holographic technology in the future could also be used to fake angelic manifestations, resurrections of “dead” people, or maybe even a phony “second coming” of Jesus Christ (if a glowing image of “Jesus” appeared to descend from the sky and interact with the future beast figure and other global leaders. This type of visual illusion could be combined with current (and developing) “invisibility” technologies (described in previous blogs) to make a “lying wonder” seem very real.

Jesus’ warned his latter-day followers in Matthew 24:26 not to be duped into thinking he has already returned “in the desert” somewhere or that he has returned and is in “the secret chambers” (where a holographic image of “Jesus” could be “stored” as a technological “miracle” which could be made to appear whenever desired to deceive the masses). If a “light and magic” show intended to deceive the masses into thinking Jesus has returned is arranged in the future, it would be logical that the perpetrators of the hoax would “film” the technological illusion in a “desert” (or wilderness place) where there would be no unwanted witnesses and a tightly-controlled setting. The filmed illusion could then be aired on CNN, Fox News, the BBC, etc. as a real event when it was actually no more real than Elvis and Celine Dion singing together. On the other hand, it is possible that we are so familiar with modern technological devices that we are jaded by commonplace technologies that would have appeared “miraculous” to the Apostle John. Consider TV. We take it for granted that “images” of real people are transmitted to our TV screens all over the world. To the Apostle John circa 100 AD, this would have been nothing less than a miraculous, science fiction-like capability. Maybe all the Apostle John was describing in his references to “images” of the beast being seen by mankind in the latter days were people watching images of a world leader on TV (akin to what Americans see when a President broadcasts a TV message from the Oval Office).

However, to deceive today’s electronic-savvy masses with a “lying wonder,” I think a visual illusion technology or holographic technology is the more likely explanatrion of what John saw in his visions. Such technologies would have other advantages for a future “beast” leader. If the actual beast in the future uses a holographic image of himself to speak to the masses, that would also be an ideal way to avoid assassination attempts or even fake a miraculous recovery from a wound which actually was administered only to a holographic or video-manipuated “image” of the beast (Revelation 13:3 & 14). Notice John’s words “as it were” in Revelation 13:3 which could imply that the “wound” wasn’t real, but a visual illusion like Elvis and Celine Dion singing together. Bottom Line: Expect some convincing hi-tech hoaxes in the future intended to deceive Christians into thinking prophecies are being fulfilled when they really are not being fulfilled at all.

What follows below (in bold type) is what was forwarded to me.

Subject: Fwd: Elvis Fan or Not, This is Incredible
For those of you that didn’t see the show, Celine Dion appeared to walk out and stand next to Elvis as the two sang a duet of the classic “If I can Dream.”   It was like he was raised from the dead.   A hologram.  Totally amazing what they can do now..
Estimated production cost was said to have been between $50,000 and $100,000 and it is said that it took a long time to create.. Celine Dion is in front of a LIVE Studio Audience.  It is absolutely unbelievable how they have done this. It really – really does look for all the world that Elvis is actually standing there live on stage singing along side Celine Dion in front of the live American Idol audience. Watch and listen to the audience going berserk, as they, themselves, think they are actually seeing Elvis right there in front of them…. A truly amazing use of modern-day technology brings Elvis Presley back to life in front of you.,4670,TVCNNapossHologram,00.html