In another very important story not covered by the establishment American media, the Asia Times reported that South Korea has been “carrying out covert uranium conversion and enrichment activities and plutonium experiments for more than two decades (emphasis added).” The link reports that South Korea has admitted its nuclear activities and that South Korea was “actually making something close to bomb-grade [fissionable material].” If South Korea has been working with uranium enrichment for over 20 years, it is not hard to visualize that that nation may already secretly have several nuclear bombs in its inventory.

It is not hard to figure out why South Korea would have a strong motivation to have a clandestine nuclear weapons program. South Korea has known that North Korea has been developing nuclear weapons for many years, and South Korea urgently needs its own nuclear weapons to deter North Korea from nuclear aggression or blackmail against South Korea. Of course, nuclear deterrence is only useful if your enemy knows (or thinks you might have) nuclear weapons, so it is possible that South Korea itself leaked this story to the Asia Times. With North Korea being allowed by the USA and the world to develop nuclear weapons, South Korea has to have them as well. The article in the link below decries the fact that the IAEA and the world community has essentially winked at South Korea’s nuclear program while coming down hard (at least rhetorically) on Iran’s nuclear program. However, there is a huge difference here. Unlike Iran, South Korea is not ruled by radicals who have declared that they want to wipe some other nation “off the map.” South Korea’s nuclear program is defensive and South Korea is rational. Iran’s nuclear program is aggressive (the Israelis are in the bull’s-eye), and Iran is not rational. Also, South Korea also badly needs nuclear weapons of its own to deter aggression from a rapidly-militarizing China. If South Korea has nuclear weapons, it doesn’t bother me at all.

The revelation that South Korea either already has (or soon could have) nuclear weapons begs the obvious question: How many other nations have also been secretly working on nuclear weapons technology without telling the world about it? Personally, I think more nations have nuclear weapons than the world currently thinks. Let’s speculate about what nations may also have (or be developing) nuclear weapons. I can’t think of any nation with a higher motivation and need to build nuclear weapons than Taiwan. It is under constant threat by China’s nuclear and conventional military might and the USA is steadily less reliable as Taiwan’s protector. The USA has foolishly sold its financial soul to China so the USA is now more-easily blackmailed by China into betraying Taiwan. This is evident in a blog I did recently which included comments about the Obama administration refusing to sell F-16s to Taiwan so it can defend itself against a conventional attack from Communist China. Taiwan certainly has the high-tech capability to build nuclear weapons and they have an urgent need to do so. If I were the leader of Taiwan, I’d have a large nuclear-weapons facility hidden deep inside a mountain somewhere where even my “allies” couldn’t find it.

Japan is another obvious nation with a need for nuclear weapons. It is a very high-tech nation and it would be easy for it to build nuclear weapons. The second link is a Wikipedia article confirming the ease with which Japan could build nuclear weapons. It discusses the “pacifist” Constitution that Japan has had since World War II offers some obstacles about Japan’s development of nuclear weapons, but Japan’s nuclear weapons would be considered “defensive” in nature (to deter China, obviously), and Japan is permitted to have defensive weaponry in its Constitution. Given that Japan has long had both the ability and need to develop nuclear weapons, it is my personal opinion that Japan essentially already has nuclear weapons. If Japan has built all the components of nuclear weapons, but hasn’t assembled the components together yet, Japan could technically say that it “does not have nuclear weapons.” However, if the need arises, it might have usable nuclear weapons within hours if all it has to do is assemble the component parts. If I were the leader of Japan, that is how I would have handled the program. If Japan has nukes, it also doesn’t bother me.

In my articles about the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39 and World War III and Japan’s role in prophecy, I make the case that Ezekiel 38:13 prophesies that India (Sheba and Dedan), the merchants of Tarshish (Japan) and the “young lion” nations (the “young tiger” nations of South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, etc. will not be part of the Gog-Magog alliance of Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, etc. Indeed, they are threatened by the Gog-Magog alliance and these nations need nuclear weaponry of their own to deter a Russian-Chinese attack. They have known this for decades, and the Asia Times article shows South Korea has been working on uranium/plutonium projects for over 20 years. India has nukes and Japan very likely does as well. You can be sure that other nations with the technology to do so have been secretly undertaking such efforts as well.

Finally, if Obama and the West allow Iran to build nuclear weapons, nuclear weaponry projects will proliferate all over the world! Every nation will know that the UN, the IAEA, the USA and the world community won’t actually do anything to stop a nation’s nuclear weapons program. If they won’t stop rogue nations like Iran and North Korea, they won’t stop anyone. If Iran is allowed to get nukes, nations such as Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, etc. will all have a need to develop their own nuclear weaponry as soon as possible. As more nations are forced to develop nuclear weaponry, it will be impossible for the USA and Russia to ever move to a nuclear-free world. If the USA and the West don’t stop Iran and North Korea from getting nuclear weapons, nuclear non-proliferation efforts are dead. Nations will give that goal lip-service, but many of them will secretly be developing nuclear weapons as quickly as possible.

Paul prophesied in II Timothy 3:1 that “in the latter days perilous times shall come.” As more nations develop nuclear weapons (and other weapons of mass destruction), this prophesy becomes ever more true.